My Son Is Going to Film School – What’s the Point in an AI World? | PRO Insight

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Computers already churn out facsimiles of movies, but human storytelling can’t be gamed via algorithms

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Facade in Lower Manhattan
New York University's Famous Arts School at 721 Broadway in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

It’s hard not to at least contemplate the worst when leading AI experts on the planet warn of human extinction at the virtual hands of artificial intelligence. While certainly less planetary in scale, wise minds raise similar concerns about generative AI’s potential destructive impact on creators, their jobs and the arts in general. 

In my recurring columns, I have tried to remain stoic and non-alarmist, presenting all aspects of the AI debate in the world of entertainment. Yes, AI directly threatens creative livelihoods. But many artists also already consider AI to be a powerful new tool to expand their art, not threaten it.