Lore Machine Wants to Use AI to Unlock the Value in Hollywood’s Vaults | PRO Insight

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As publishers and other creators seek payments for the value chatbots extract from them, one Los Angeles startup points the way for artists getting paid

An AI rendition of a "lore machine"
An AI rendition of a "lore machine"

The issue of AI scraping copyrighted works to train language models is heating up, with Dow Jones and CNN starting to talk about charging companies like OpenAI when their chatbots lap up their work. Is this infringement, with the resulting AI a derivative work that requires licensing? Or is it instead a fair use that requires no payment, because arguably the copying is “de minimis” and the AI generates something transformational (which is the relevant copyright test)? 

Either way, artists, creators and publishers justifiably feel threatened from both an economic and a moral standpoint. The economic threat is clear: Their creative livelihoods are in the crosshairs.