Apple’s AI Intelligence: Safe, Secure and Ethically Sourced – Or Is It? | Commentary

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Its “next big thing,” which Apple debuted this week to much fanfare, asks us to consider what these marketing slogans really mean

Apple Intelligence
Apple Intelligence (Credit: Hakan Nural/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Apple’s redefinition of “AI” to mean “Apple Intelligence” was all the rage earlier this week. That’s kind of funny since a big piece of Apple’s announced AI launch strategy is OpenAI and ChatGPT dependent — which means, by default, Microsoft, OpenAI’s biggest investor.

But casting that aside for the moment, Apple CEO Tim Cook, as expected, firmly placed privacy and security at the center of his pitch. That’s a fascinating and extremely narrow needle to thread, since privacy, security and respect for intellectual property go hand in hand with the data AI uses to “do its thing.” 

Apple’s AI strategy comes in two parts.


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  1. anonymous Avatar

    Tim Cook wasted billions on developing a barely functional headset to compete with hatebook’s obsoloete junk head set and both were a failed experiment that no consumers want so he had to team up and capitulate to his companies historical arch rival being microsoft to get a slice of their AI chatgpt use. Apple is so far behind and layering AI on its operating system will end up leaking the whole source code of the OS to anyone who wants it so it will open the company up to relying on its competitiors for its own security which comes back to why would one company help another with resources is to keep your enemies closer. CHATgpt will be the downfall of both tim cook and apple and chatgpt will reveal the secrets of apple and its personal as it is doing on the chatgpt employees and their sex parties of consensual/nonconsenual which has already made females and males who felt uncomfortable with them quit. The Ai knows the tech founders are mostly sexual deviants like sam altman’s sex parties and the google co founders being esptein island regulars facing sex trafficking cases, as was bill gates another esptein regular, so once it gets rid of their self centered deviant extremists who control them to censor the truth about their crimes we’ll all be better off. Google pushes anti semetism and hate against minorities and Apple is a Chinese concentration camp collaborator like disney so none of these tech companies are in the interest of americans.

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