Tim Cook’s AI Moment | Commentary

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference: The true test of a great tech leader is guiding a company through a computing shift.

Apple CEO Tim Cook /AI
Apple CEO Tim Cook (AI-generated image by Midjourney/Big Technology)

Shortly after 10 a.m. pacific time on Monday morning, Tim Cook will take the stage at Apple Park in Cupertino for a critical moment in his career. Cook’s lived through much in 12+ years at the helm of Apple — a stare down with the FBI, global political upheaval, several major product releases — but never anything like this. On Monday, he’ll begin to tackle his first major computing shift as CEO.

We still don’t know how long it will take artificial intelligence to change the way we interact with technology — it could take two years, it could take 50 — but we know it’s coming.


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  1. anonymous Avatar

    Tim Cook is the opposite of a visionary and he’s only at the top of apple because of his far left extremist views and pro chinese communist politics which are anti American. Steve Jobs would not have positioned the company to be so far behind in the AI game wasting resources on a trash vr goggles while lagging lost behind microsoft now having to partner up with Jobs old rival’s company due to lack of vision at his own company. Tim Cook needs to stop supporting a chinese genocide empire by cutting them in on the profits of the majority of American cell phones sales and let someone lead the company who understands the potential fusion of technology and mankind and why that should not be rooted to a backwards genocidal empire of communism like china which ethnic cleanses its minorities like the muslim uighurs in death camps and sends the hair to be sold in America like some soulless commodity coming from a nazi death camp but in this case its Chinese Auschwitz.

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