OpenAI Wants To Get Big Fast, and Four More Takeaways From a Wild Week in AI News | Commentary

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Ignore the flirty bot, OpenAI’s big strategic play became clearer this week.

(AI-generated image by Midjourney/Big Technology)

In a season of big AI news, few weeks have felt more significant than this one. OpenAI introduced its new GPT-4o model, Google unveiled a deeper AI vision, and Apple dropped more hints ahead of a massive AI-themed WWDC event.

At Big Technology, we also hosted our first public event with Box CEO Aaron Levie, well-timed with the AI news. Our live podcast sold out — filling 130 seats, with scores more on the waitlist — and meeting so many of you was a thrill. You can see some photos below.

Amid the noise, here are the five core takeaways from the week, including some commentary from Levie on crucial developments the headlines seemed to miss.


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