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‘Breaking Bad’ Generates 23 Million Facebook Interactions Since Final Episodes Premiered (Exclusive)

The social media platform has tracked user interactions pertaining to the AMC drama since the the first of the final episodes aired

“Breaking Bad”: It’s big in Israel! Who knew?

Facebook, who tracks these sorts of things through their user interactions, sure did, according to numbers obtained by TheWrap.

Users of the world’s largest social media platform have generated over 23 million interactions pertaining to “Breaking Bad” since the second half of Season 5 began on Aug. 11, 2013. Eleven million people are responsible for those interactions.

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Facebook found n a consistent level of mentions through the week during the season, but, not surprisingly, Sunday sees the highest level of mentions. The day-of-air boasts around 3.5 times more mentions than the average daily number on other days of the week. The watercooler day, Monday, is the next-highest day in terms of mentions, at 2.5 times the amount of mentions compared to other days of the week.

Here are some of Facebook’s other quantifications and qualifications surround the final eight episodes:

Top 10 US States Ranked by Percentage of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”

1.       New Mexico
2.       New York
3.       Arizona
4.       Rhode Island
5.       Massachusetts
6.       California
7.       New Hampshire
8.       Idaho
9.       Illinois
10.   Pennsylvania

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Top 10 Countries Ranked by Percentage of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”
1.       United States
2.       Canada
3.       United Kingdom
4.       Australia
5.       Israel
6.       New Zealand
7.       Peru
8.       Sweden
9.       Norway
10.   Spain

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·         David Fincher
·         Darren Aronofsky
·         Louis C.K.
·         American Psycho
·         Django Unchained
·         Mad Men
·         Portlandia
·         Beck
·         Arcade Fire
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