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Bryan Cranston Will Appear in Lots of Things, If He’s Asked

Actor has shown interest in reprising several of his famous roles, including playing Walter White on AMC’s prequel, ”Better Call Saul“

Bryan Cranston has a bunch of credits spanning a wide variety of genres under his belt, and he has recently made it clear that he’d reprise a number of those roles, if asked.

In a recent interview, the “Breaking Bad” star said he’d jump at the chance to return to his Emmy-winning gig as Walter White for AMC’s prequel series “Better Call Saul.”

“If [Vince Gilligan, the creator of both series] were to call me and say, ‘We have this idea, we’d like’ — I would say, ‘Yes, you don’t have to finish the pitch, I’m there — what do you want me to do?'” Cranston said, adding, “I’m all in.”

And that’s not the first time Cranston has voiced his willingness to revive one of his iconic characters. Just last week, the actor said he’d “love” to once again play the bumbling father in a “Malcolm in the Middle” reunion, 10 years after the Fox sitcom went off the air.

“I really do, for no other reason than that I miss those people like crazy. And I stay in touch with them,” he said. “The boys are doing great, and Jane [Kaczmarek] is doing wonderfully, and I’d love to.”

He added that there has been talk of possibly putting together a reunion that would revisit the family “10 years or 12 years later,” though he gave no other specifics.

More concrete is Cranston’s return to the “Power Rangers” franchise over 20 years after doing uncredited voice work on the original “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” TV series.

This time around, he will have an on-screen role as Zordon, the disembodied head who serves as mentor to the young team of heroes.

Cranston can be seen in next month’s movie “The Infiltrator,” in which he plays a federal agent who gained the trust of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel in 1986.

He has also lined up starring turns in James Franco‘s John Steinbeck adaptation “In Dubious Battle,” the family comedy “Why Him?” and the upcoming indie drama “Wakefield.”

No word yet on whether he’ll have time to reprise his role as Tim Whatley, should a “Seinfeld” reunion ever materialize in the future.

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