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Join a Conversation on ‘Cancel Culture in Journalism’ with the Editor-in-Chiefs of HuffPost, Charlie Hebdo and More

Livestream will also feature former Vice News head of global newsgathering Susie Banikarim and Cagle Cartoons founder Daryl Cagle

Join us on Tuesday at 12 pm PT for the roundtable discussion “Cancel Culture in Journalism: When the Newsroom Becomes the Story” — a part of TheWrap’s multi-media series “Conversations on Cancel Culture.”

During this session, Danielle Belton (editor-in-chief of HuffPost), Gérard Biard (editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo), Susie Banikarim (former head of global newsgathering & EVP of Vice News) and Daryl Cagle (founder of Cagyle Cartoons, Inc) will join TheWrap’s editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman for an in-depth conversation about how cancel culture is manifesting itself in the newsroom, from free speech and accountability to the real-life violence that has also ensued.

On Friday at 4 pm PT, audiences are invited to tune into an encore audio stream and follow-up discussion exclusively on Clubhouse.

This conversation is the first of four in a series of roundtables titled “Conversations on Cancel Culture,” presented by TheWrap. Starting May 25 for four weeks, TheWrap will livestream a roundtable discussion every Tuesday at 12pm PT on one of the following topics: journalism, film criticism, comedy and rehabilitation from cancel culture. 

Additional featured speakers in the series include film critics Ann Hornaday (Washington Post) and Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune), comedians Maz Jobrani, Jim Norton and Lala Milan along with crisis PR manager Matthew Hiltzik. The conversations will be moderated by top Wrap editors and guest moderator Stephen Galloway.


Danielle Belton is the Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost. Prior she was the Editor-in-Chief of the leading black interest news site, The Root. Before joining The Root, Danielle was Editor-At-Large for black women’s news site Clutch Magazine Online, and was the first black woman to lead a writer’s room in late-night as the head writer for BET Networks’ NAACP Image Award-nominated talk show, “Don’t Sleep.” 

Gérard Biard is the editor-in-chief of the satirical French news magazine Charlie Hebdo. Gérard has been associated with Charlie Hebdo since 1992, when it was relaunched after a 10-year hiatus. He was in London for a conference when Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office was targeted in a January 2015 terrorist attack, in which 12 people were killed and 11 were injured. 

Susie Banikarim is the former head of global newsgathering and an EVP at Vice News. Prior she was the Editorial Director of Gizmodo Media Group and before that the first filmmaker-in-residence at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy where she directed and produced the documentary “Enemies of the People: Trump and the Political Press.” Susie also helped launch Katie Couric’s syndicated talk show and also served as a producer for Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Gibson and David Muir.

Daryl Cagle is an editorial cartoonist and founder of the syndicate, Cagle Cartoons, Inc. The syndicate distributes Daryl’s work, along with ten columnists and about seventy of the world’s top editorial cartoonists, to over 700 subscribing newspapers, including half of America’s daily, paid circulation newspapers. He is a past president of the National Cartoonists Society and the National Cartoonists Society Foundation.

About Conversations on Cancel Culture Series

The “Conversations on Cancel Culture” series addresses a new wave of pressure to be silent – or be silenced - that has spread rapidly from media to entertainment to politics. Is this a new form of censorship? Or a necessary corrective to entrenched privilege?  

That very title “Cancel Culture” is provocative and prone to controversy. And yet we feel it is important to have thoughtful and robust dialogue around this issue which encompasses both free speech and accountability, the rise of social media pressure groups and the real-life violence that has sometimes also ensued. 

The series will talk to journalists, comedians, film critics and academics among others to address this complex topic that is – just to confuse things – being hijacked for all manner of misinformation and political posturing.  

Left unexamined, “cancel culture’ threatens to undermine the free exchange of ideas. Debate, discussion and disagreement, and tolerance of those who hold different beliefs. 

For more information about Conversations on Cancel Culture, a multi-media series by TheWrap visit: thewrap.com/cancel-culture-series