Inside Discovery CEO’s ‘Eye-Popping’ Pay – Is David Zaslav Worth More Than Bob Iger? | Charts

Zaslav made more than Disney’s top exec for seven of the last 10 years — and he just got another $190 million

In five of the last 10 years, one media company executive has made more money in compensation than five of his peers, even as two of the companies and the S&P 500 outperformed his.

No matter. David Zaslav’s stewardship of Discovery Inc. has been strong enough to make him head of the newly-named Warner Bros Discovery, the merged company announced last month by Discovery Inc. and WarnerMedia. He has a new contract packed with $190 million in stock options on top of $3 million in base pay.

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • • Twitter: @tonymaglio