‘The Silence Is Deafening’: Hollywood Companies Tread Lightly in Denouncing Hamas Violence

PR experts say it’s risky to talk about the attacks on Israel. Activists say it’s risky not to

Sharon Waxman

Sharon Waxman On the Business of Entertainment

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The CEO of a leading Hollywood conglomerate denounced as “unthinkable evil” the attacks on Israelis by Hamas that left 1,200 dead. But most entertainment companies have remained muted in their public statements this week in the face of a highly volatile and emotional issue — Israeli-Palestinian politics.


2 responses to “‘The Silence Is Deafening’: Hollywood Companies Tread Lightly in Denouncing Hamas Violence”

  1. Taylor E. Gray Avatar

    The attack by hamas against Israel sneakily done mirrors the atrocities instigated by Nippon against the “Sleeping Bear,” the USA !!!
    Murder and rape are the “calling cards of despots“ lacking the peaceful communication talents of educated citizens of this World ‼️ 
      Fear and misery enslave their populace while  stifling freedom and creativity !!!
                Ciao, T.Gray 10/14/2023

  2. Lois Feinberg Avatar
    Lois Feinberg

    They elected Hamas to rule them.  Then Hamas used most of the money ,donated to them by the US and many other countries around the world ,to build terror tunnels and buy weapons.  
    Almost nothing was used for the people they were ruling. I blame GW Bush for allowing the election without educating the Palestinians first. 

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