Journalist Who First Reported Israeli Child Beheadings Says She Saw Atrocities ‘With My Own Eyes’ (Video)

“The fact that people are denying it,” reporter Nicole Zedeck says on “Clay & Buck,” is “truly despicable”

i24News reporter Nicole Zedek (Credit: i24News)
i24News reporter Nicole Zedek (Credit: i24News)

The TV news correspondent whose description of decapitated infants and other atrocities from the Hamas attack on southern Israel went instantly viral pushed back Wednesday against questions around her reporting, saying she witnessed the atrocities “with my own eyes” and calling the reflexive doubt “sickening.”

Nicole Zedek was on the ground early this week for i24NEWS, an international 24-hour news television channel based in Tel Aviv. Her reports describing beheaded babies and children were immediately shared and widely discussed around the globe — including scrutiny and outright doubt, which she addressed Wednesday during an appearance on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.”

Zedek said she was grateful at first that her reporting had spread so quickly, “because people need to see those images and need to hear exactly what’s happening here on the ground in Israel.”

“I witnessed some of those scenes with my own eyes as we were walking through this community,” she said, “that may be a quarter of a mile from the Gaza border, the atrocities that were still left behind, children, cribs, baby cribs overturned on their side, splattered with blood. Horrible, horrible images.”

CNN reported on Wednesday that the Israeli prime minister’s office confirmed the report of beheaded babies and toddlers.

Zedek said she also spoke with a deputy commander who was among the first on the scene Saturday, when there were still “active terrorists hiding in houses” that they immediately sought to “eliminate.”

“There’s no words to describe what they’ve seen,” Zedek said. “I mean, babies’ heads cut off. That’s what they encountered when they came there. So as horrible as it is and and I wish that it wasn’t true. And I see how those images and those words are hard to comprehend because it’s hard to comprehend how any one could commit such heinous, heinous crimes. But that’s exactly what happened in just one of the kibbutz communities.”

She said with additional targeted communities in southern Israel still being encountered by IDF, “this is just a glimpse into what is happening here.”

Cohost Buck Sexton asked about the condition of soldiers who were first to see these scenes of horror — many of whom are not active-duty military, but reserves who were hastily called from their own family lives into duty.

“The deputy commander who I spoke to, he was a reserve soldier,” she said. “He left five kids behind. He left his own family behind to then come to the scene of entire families murdered so no one could prepare them for what they were about to witness. And they are in shock. But they say as they continue to see these acts, it it makes them want to fight back stronger.”

Cohost Clay Travis later played a clip from a commentator voicing his doubt about the veracity of her reporting, with the speaker saying the claim of beheaded infants is “completely false” and accusing Zedek of making up the most gruesome details based on a “walk-and-talk” interview with an Israeli commander.

“You know, it’s sickening, really, that people are asking, ‘Where are the babies? Why aren’t you showing the babies?’” she replied. “Is that something that anyone would want to the first thing with their own eyes?”

Zedek said people are seizing on details like the number 40 — a hasty estimate — and the word “babies,” which can mean different things to different people.

“So 40 babies, 40 children were carried out on on gurneys, 40 dead children were found. And a lot of people are saying ‘babies,’” she said. “Well, how does she know that number? How old are they? And I think that is really the fact that people are focusing on that doesn’t matter. Just three months old or three years old, six months old, six years old, a six-year-old is someone’s baby.”

She said besides her own eyes, there are multiple “soldiers confirming what they’ve seen of the mutilation of these children. And I think when people are denying what’s actually happening here, it is truly, truly sad and show that people just are not willing to see exactly what’s happening.”

Zedek also said there is “footage of it all” that will speak for itself – and in many cases already has.

“The fact that people are denying it, even after seeing exactly with your own eyes, the footage, the pictures. It’s truly despicable.”

Watch the entire exchange in the above clip.


15 responses to “Journalist Who First Reported Israeli Child Beheadings Says She Saw Atrocities ‘With My Own Eyes’ (Video)”

  1. American Avatar

    CNN reported on Wednesday that the Israeli prime minister’s office confirmed the report of beheaded babies and toddlers.

    1. Dick Johnson Avatar
      Dick Johnson

      Why would they behead children, when the only people it would hurt is themselves and would only benefits the Israelis? Not only that but she didn’t see any beheaded children, and there is NO footage whatsoever, just like there is no footage of a 757 smashing into the most protected building in the world (the Pentagon). You are being lied to. “Qui Bono”, to whom does it benefit? Only the Israeli’s. It’s a propaganda move, just like they’ve been doing for decades, to get you incensed. Don’t fall for it or at least, demand concrete proof. Right now, there is NONE, ZERO, NADA. Most people don’t entertain the thought that the main stream media might just be outright lying….but they’ve proven that they lie. Remember the WMD in Iraq? Bunch of my friends had their heads blown apart to protect Israel. Enough already.

  2. Thalia Amar'i Avatar
    Thalia Amar’i

    No she didn’t After the this was filmed she said she didnt see beheaded babes, Dead babies from bomb etc yes but not beheaded. Thats Haram. Our people would not do that. Stop Demonizing us Racist Americans.

    1. fHarry Storm Avatar
      fHarry Storm

      Haram??? Isis did it with gusto. So did an Islamist in France. Get real.

      1. VT Avatar

        ISIS is a CIA construct/project(remember when they were training at Ft.Bragg/school of Americas and the instructors were frightened at their threats?). You remember when the babies were thrown out the hospital windows in Kuwait? If you are this susceptable should you be on charge of your own affairs,wait please activate the remote keyboard to allow frank from Pakistan to fix your computer

    2. MrFish Avatar

      oh so youre ok with killing children as long as theyre not beheaded. You are garbage and so is anyone who supports Hamas actions.

      1. Louise Avatar

        Their is no proof of children being killed

    3. Human Being Avatar
      Human Being

      You are sick and nieve!

  3. LG Avatar

    All confusing but there are photos online of bloodied cribs from a kibbutz. However Thalia if you cannot believe Palestinians did this then I would also like it media confirmed if militia involved are actually mercenaries. I would not be surprised. I would not be surprised if other countries such as Lebanon, Iran and Russia are involved and wanting to create this carnage and violence.

    1. Mikep2 Avatar

      > > > EVERYONE < < <
      To help people learn the actual nature of the conflict involving Israel, always mention the full translated names of the organizations targeting the Jewish state at least once. A few examples:

      The ISLAMIC Resistance Movement (HAMAS), officially founded as the Gaza branch of the MUSLIM Brotherhood;

      The Party of ALLAH (Hezbollah);

      The ISLAMIC Holy War/Struggle Movement in Palestine (ISLAMIC JIHAD in Palestine);

      The Party of Victory/Conquest (Fatah)

      Most of them are supplied and financed by the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran.

      Using their actual names, instead of the whitewashed nondescript public versions, helps reveal the true nature of the conflict.

  4. Stephen Avatar

    Would that who killed by some other method rather than beheading, be considered a merciful killer? Don’t all methods of killing, whether silent or brutal, rob one of their precious, God-given life? What’s important is the consistence of the claim that babies were malevolently denied their innocent lives.

  5. Rick Avatar

    The truth is that when people see what these monsters did to those children, they will want action and will lose any respect for Palestinians. These people are terrorists and they do not deserve to share the air we breath or the planet we live on. 

    1. VT Avatar

      They’re going to have to get the AI Deep Fake videos production really speeded up so idiots can be brought in on the war in Albania.

  6. Louise Avatar

    There is no proof of the children being killed and second of all Biden, the president claimed he saw the deceased children the way he said it make you believe its true but not long he admitted you didn’t see such cruelties.
    THE WHITE HOUSE confirmed on the evening of Oct. 11 that President Joe Biden’s claim that he had seen photos of Israeli children beheaded by Hamas fighters is false.
    this is the exact words biden said: “l’ve been doing this a long time. I never really thought that I would see, have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children,” Biden said to leaders of U.S. Jewish organizations,
    at the White House on October 11.
    Its all lies and people of hamas would never do such things to children or women its against their religion

  7. Avi Gaveriel Avatar
    Avi Gaveriel

    60,000 bombs dropped in Gaza in 6 days……how many babies have been killed during this bombing campaign? i.e. scummed to injuries, blown to bits, limbs and legs missing, heads missing etc

    But wait, they’re only Palestinian babies, nothing to worry about here — continue the slaughter Yes?

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