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Gary Goddard Files Objection to Potential John Doe Lawyer Citing ‘Bad Moral Character’

Broadway producer points to Jeff Herman’s suspension in Florida and banishment in Oregon

Gary Goddard’s attorneys filed an objection to the application of potential John Doe No. 117 attorney Jeff Herman in a sex abuse case filed against Goddard and Bryan Singer, citing Herman’s “bad moral character.”

The Thursday filing begins: “Defendant Gary Goddard objects to the application for admission pro hac vice of the Herman Law firm and its attorneys Jeff Herman and Lee G. Cohen, based on the evidence of the bad moral character and prior sanctioned misconduct of Herman and Herman Law attorney Stuart S. Mermelstein, as well as the Herman firm’s history of abuse of the pro hac vice mechanism, and files this memorandum in opposition.”

The document goes on to list Herman’s suspension from the Florida Bar, permanent banishment from an Oregon District Court and “demonstrating a pattern and practice of flagrant disregard for the authority of the Courts” as examples of character.

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Goddard’s attorneys also object to the admission of Herman’s associate Lee G. Cohen, suggesting that Cohen’s appointment is simply a front for Herman to be involved in the case.

The filing also took the following shots at Herman’s firm: “Herman Law touts itself as a ‘national’ firm despite having only four lawyers on staff in their single Boca Raton, Fla. office” and “Herman Law has widely publicized the Egan case in hopes of attracting additional plaintiffs to file yet more cases in California.”

TheWrap reached out to John Doe’s listed attorneys, Kevin M. McGuire of The McGuire Law Firm and Arick W. Fudali of Herman Law. for comment on the filing, but did not immediately receive a response.

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In June, Goddard filed a motion to dismiss the John Doe case, which alleges that he sexually assaulted a British teenager. The lawsuit, filed by an anonymous plaintiff in May, claims that Goddard contacted the teen via social media in 2003, when the plaintiff was 14. The relationship allegedly escalated to nude webcam sessions when the plaintiff was 15.

Ultimately, the suit claims, Goddard laid in a bed naked with the boy in a London hotel room when he was 15, and had sex with him when he was 16. Goddard’s motion states, in part, that two of the counts in the complaint do not violate English law.

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Earlier this month, co-Defendant and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” producer Singer also filed a motion for dismissal of the case. Additionally, Singer asked for a $300,000 bond to be posted by John Doe No. 117 to cover his legal costs. That hearing is set for Aug. 18.

Previously, Michael Egan had filed a sex abuse lawsuit against Goddard, Singer, former NBC executive Garth Ancier, and former vice president, Comedy Development at NBC David Neuman. Egan’s cases against AncierNeuman and Goddard have been dismissed. Singer has filed a motion to dismiss and a motion for a summary judgment in that case. Those hearings are still pending.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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