‘Griselda’ Director Breaks Down Karol G’s Acting Debut: ‘We Actually Started Writing More for Her’ | Video

Andrés Baiz tells TheWrap about working with pop stars on set, including Bad Bunny in “Narcos: Mexico”

Sofía Vergara was not the only Colombian superstar to wow the “Griselda” creative team on set. Andrés Baiz, who directed all six episodes of the Netflix crime drama, told TheWrap that Karol G’s “authentic” performance led them to expand her role as Carla on the limited series.

“We actually started writing more for her because she was doing so great,” Baiz told TheWrap. “She brought a lot of authenticity to her character. [Karol] is from Medellín, so the way she speaks, the way she expresses herself… Her performance was so, so good.”

Baiz credited Luis Balaguer, Vergara’s manager and business partner, with the “wonderful” idea to cast Karol G on “Griselda.” The challenge came with deciding which role would be the right fit for a performer with no previous acting experience.

Karol G (center) and the cast of “Griselda.” (Elizabeth Morris/Netflix)

The “Amargura” singer ended up landing the role of Carla, one of the former prostitutes from Medellín who Griselda (Vergara) enlists to help set up her burgeoning drug business in Miami.

“She’s phenomenal,” “Griselda” costar Juliana Aidén Martinez said of Karol G. “As a Colombian you’re like, this is how it is, this is how it sounds. I feel like I’m seeing my family, and that they’re being seen in this moment.”

“Being able to work with two of the most amazing, admirable women in Latin America [for this project], they were so professional, both of them Sofía and Karol, so humble and so generous,” Baiz said. “[They came in] with so much energy, it was great working with them. It was so much fun.”

“Griselda” wasn’t the first time Baiz helped give a recording artist their start in TV. He also directed Bad Bunny in his acting debut, a recurring role on the third season of “Narcos: Mexico.”

“I directed Bad Bunny, and it was actually my last day working in ‘Narcos,’” Baiz recalled. “What’s important is that they come to set with the utmost respect for the people around them, and that they come in with that humbleness and professionalism… [Bad Bunny and Karol G] were both wonderful.”

“Griselda” is now streaming on Netflix.


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