Harris Faulkner Says Black Dems Might Favor Anti-Vaccine Activist Kennedy Over Biden for President (Video)

“There were Black men in particular during COVID who were expressing just questions,” the Fox News host of “The Faulkner Focus” says

Harris Faulkner believes Black Democrats may vote in favor of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over Joe Biden. 

During a Fox New segment, Faulkner chatted with two commentators about the competition standing up against Trump and Biden as their respective political parties’ frontrunners, bringing up Kennedy’s status and voters’ awareness of him. 

“Marianne Williamson fired her staff, having just run four years before, as you mentioned, and Robert Kennedy is an unknown. Both of these folks have never served in an elected office,” Doug Collins said. “I think Robert Kennedy is out of the mainstream with regards to some of the things that he’s running on. And especially when folks look at his position on vaccines within the Democratic Party. I think he’s very much out of the mainstream.”

In response, Faulkner pushed back, saying she witnessed Black Democrats address and oppose the vaccine mandate. 

“There were Black men in particular during the COVID who were expressing just questions. Some of that had to do with our history as a country,” Faulkner said. “They wanted to know how things had to be mandated. You have to know that talking to real people.”

Collins saying Kennedy’s vaccine oppositions also include the vaccines people receive as children. 

Kennedy’s run in the anti-vaccine movement traces to years before the COVID-19 pandemic, but his efforts were definitely boosted with it. In 2020, his anti-vaccine charity Children’s Health Defense doubled its revenue, pulling in $6.8 million. A year later, he released a book titled “The Real Anthony Fauci,” and in it he accused Fauci of helping a historic coup d’etat against Western democracy.”

On April 19, 2023, Kennedy launched his presidential campaign in Boston for his shot at a seat in the Oval Office. Aside from him being a member of the Kennedy family and anti-vaxx activist, he’s also an environmental lawyer, who has described himself as a teller of truths who will “end the division” in the U.S.