‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Audition Is Intense and Powerful (Video)

Star of Warner Bros. and DC’s upcoming film proves he can command a scene without uttering a single word in English

Jason Momoa can look very intense, and he certainly had a commanding presence as the towering Khal Drogo on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

In his audition tape for that memorable role, he showed that he was more than capable of carrying the gravitas expected of a leader with his performance of an ancestral war dance of the Māori people from New Zealand.

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While the star of SundanceTV’s “The Red Road” was born in Hawaii and is of Native Hawaiian and Native American descent, he nevertheless channeled an impressive passion for the material he was presenting.

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Momoa didn’t speak English in the video, but he was mesmerizing and absolutely held your attention regardless. Fans are using the video as an indication — a hope perhaps? — that this more intimidating version of Momoa is the take he will have on DC’s “Aquaman.”

There have been different iterations of the classic Justice League character over the years, but the one that the public has unfortunately latched onto is the version where he’s the guy who talks to fish and no one takes him seriously as a hero.

That Aquaman is often the butt of jokes and has been made fun of on every show from “South Park” to “Saturday Night Live.” But there are other versions, where he is a ruthless ruler of his undersea kingdom, disgusted by surface dwellers and their disregard for the oceans.

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It’s a similar task to what Michael Keaton faced in 1989 making people take Batman seriously after decades of reruns starring Adam West’s campy take on the character from the 1960s television series.

Now Warner Bros., DC Comics, Zack Snyder and Momoa have until 2018 to make sure fans are on board; though the character is sure to appear in some of the films leading up to his first solo adventure, including the first “Justice League” film in 2017, where he’ll prove what kind of Aquaman he is.