Jason Momoa Won’t Confirm Aquaman Rumors But Thinks It Would Be ‘Pretty Exciting’ (Video)

“Game of Thrones” actor also talks on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” about his latest starring role in “Road to Paloma,” which he also co-wrote, directed, and co-produced

Jason Momoa wouldn’t confirm if he was playing Aquaman in the upcoming “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” during a Wednesday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” but he did say, “That would be pretty exciting wouldn’t it?”

The actor cut an imposing figure as Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones,” but he would be taking on a starkly different appearance if he were to portray the classic version of the DC Comics character, as Kimmel pointed out with a picture of a very awkward Aquaman action figure.

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Momoa also talked about his upcoming film, “Road to Paloma.” Not only does Momoa star in the film, but he also co-wrote, directed and co-produced it. His co-writers were Jonathan Hirschbein and Robert Homer Mollohan. Brian Andrew Mendoza co-produced. The story was something Momoa felt very passionately about, and he said that taking on all those roles helped him get the film financed.

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“It’s about some of the injustices that are happening on the Native American reservations right now,” Momoa said about the movie. “It’s a bit of a loophole where a non-Native can commit a crime — mostly [against] women — and tribal law can’t prosecute them. It has to go to federal court.”

As a married man with children, and with other women in his life, he tried to imagine how he would feel if the law couldn’t take care of an assault on any of them. He poured this passion into the production of the film, which will be released to theaters by Anchor Bay Entertainment and WWE Studios on Friday, July 11.

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Momoa, who has Native Hawaiian and Native American ancestry, even got to share the very personal experience with his wife, Lisa Bonet, who co-starred with him in the film. It was their first project together, and Momoa credited it with helping them come together again on his SundanceTV series, “The Red Road.”

He laughed about how nervous working with her made him, and about how he first noticed her during her time with “The Cosby Show.” He recalled, “I used to sit in front of that little TV when I was a little boy and go, ‘I want that one,’” while pointing at Bonet.