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Jeff Bezos Has a Real Problem With Selfish Parties (Video)

New Washington Post owner repeats his talking points about good customer service during Wednesday media rounds

Jeff Bezos has been to a lot of selfish parties, it seems.

Making the media rounds Wednesday, the usually-secretive Amazon CEO and new Washington Post owner shared his views on proper social motivation — and good customer service —  during stops at CNN’s “New Day” and ABC News.

He declined to get into much, if any, specifics on how he plans to run his new $250 million newspaper, instead waxing metaphorical about customer service.

ABC News’ Joanna Stern brought up WaPo about midway through the segment, and Bezos said its staff was full of good, hardworking people stuck in a rapidly changing industry. He said he’s hoping to apply what he’s learned about customer service while running Amazon to WaPo.

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“If you have a party, are you holding the party for your guests or are you holding the party for yourself?” Bezos said. “Sometimes people hold parties and they pretend it’s for their guests, but really they’re holding the party for themselves.”

If you’ll recall his interview with “New Day,” Bezos said: “If you really are customer-centric, it’s like being the host of a party. You’re holding the party for your guests. Sometimes the host of the party is holding the party for the host of the party, and that leads to different kind of party.”

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This begs the question: why is Jeff Bezos being invited to so many selfish parties?

Also: what are his actual plans for the Washington Post, because he didn’t go into any of that again, either.

Watch the video: