Jon Stewart on ESPN Shower Coverage: ‘Michael Sam Is Gay. Are We Not Over This Yet?’ (Video)

Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL

ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam — and whether he and his teammates shower together — has Jon Stewart wondering.

“Michael Sam is gay,” the “Daily Show” host said Thursday. “Are we not over this yet?”

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ESPN correspondent Josina Anderson reported on Wednesday that the St. Louis Rams draft pick “is waiting to take a shower, as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable.” ESPN later apologized for the report.

But “Daily Show” fake sports correspondent Samantha Bee took on the topic from a fake Rams locker room.

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“I hate to say it, but it sounds like Sam is in trouble,” Bee said. “His work on the line has been great, but he has been making his teammates very uncomfortable. He hasn’t been getting naked around them at all. There’s been no grab ass, no dick snaps, no ball cupping — none of the locker room behavior of normal, heterosexual NFL players.”

She pointed to Jeff Perlman’s 2008 book “Boys Will Be Boys,” which featured uncensored accounts of the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room exploits.

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“Do you remember Charles Haley?” Bee asked before reading an excerpt: “‘Haley would stroll up to an unsuspecting teammate, whip out his phallus, and repeatedly stroke it in his face.'”

“If Michael Sam wants to fit into the NFL, he better cut the shy act and gay it up,” Bee said.

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