Kathy Griffin Says She’s on a Group Text With Mary Trump, Stormy Daniels, E. Jean Carroll: ‘I Really Hope the Feds Don’t Subpoena That’

“We don’t even call Trump ‘him.’ We call him ‘it,’” the comedian says of the quartet’s “hardcore” daily check-in

Kathy Griffin speaking into a mic
Kathy Griffin (Credit: Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin recently revealed that not only does she host dinner party “salons” with some of entertainment and politics’ biggest figures, she’s also on a “daily” group text with Mary Trump, Stormy Daniels and E. Jean Carroll thanks to the regular gatherings.

Apparently, the four women bond over the many ways they have been wronged by former President Donald Trump.

“I’m on a daily text chain with those three girls, with Stormy, Mary, E. Jean and myself. And let me tell you, as someone who the feds have actually come after, I really hope they don’t ever subpoena that text chain,” Griffin said, regaling “StraightioLab” podcast hosts George Civeris and Sam Taggart with stories of her hot-ticketed dinner fêtes.

“We don’t go easy. We don’t even call Trump ‘him.’ We call him ‘it,’” Griffin continued. “Yeah, we’re hardcore.”

The comedian is currently on her first stand-up tour since falling out of public favor — and into a temporary professional nosedive — in 2017 for posing in a photograph while holding a decapitated Trump head. Fittingly titled “My Life on the PTSD-List,” the tour has marked a long-in-the-making comeback for Griffin (and has also been met with a protest or two outside various theaters’ marquees).

She appeared as busy as ever on “StraightioLab,” teasing that she was due at a pair of celebrity birthday parties and a “quick hit” at MSNBC after wrapping up the interview at hand. Griffin’s social schedule was how her storied salons first came up. She revealed that her dream “gay guest of honor” for the occasions was U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

“Sorry, I keep getting political — I’d probably have Mayor Pete,” Griffin said, “because he’s been so successful in crossing over. He can go on Fox and hold his own, which is a talent our party is not good at, including myself. Like, if I went on Fox, I would explode.”

She then added that she’s thrown dinner parties for Mary Trump, Carroll, Daniels, Monica Lewinsky and many others — which led to the group text.

“I tend to have them for someone who’s either in town or someone who’s been through s–t,” Griffin quipped.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.


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