Kathy Griffin Says She Respects Taylor Swift Because ‘She Could Tip the Election’ With a Single Biden Event

“I love her as a change agent,” the comedian enthuses

Kathy Griffin attends Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine: A Tribute to Bob Saget at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel (Getty Images)

Comedian Kathy Griffin got past her fear of being cancelled to state the obvious, in her opinion: Taylor Swift could easily influence the 2024 presidential election.

On Tuesday’s episode of “StraightioLab” with comedians George Civeris and Sam Taggart, Griffin brought Swift up in a positive way, braving the potential Swiftie wrath.

“I love her as a change agent, and I honestly think if she stumps for [President Joe] Biden, if she even did one high profile event, I think she could tip the election, and that’s OK to say because it’s true,” Griffin said.

“Do you feel like, maybe I’m wrong about this, but it used to be in every election that celebrities would really come out and be campaigning,” Civeris noted. “Is that not happening as much anymore?”

“No, because we get cancelled for opening our mouths about anything and everything,” Griffin agreed. “It is so bad, but let me just say this – and I do make jokes about her in my act in a tender and loving way — Taylor Swift — don’t come at me Swifties! I’m terrified.”

She continued, “I actually do like her as a change agent and I like that she’s the first woman in pop or rock music — think of all the divas, Cher, Madonna, Stevie Nicks didn’t get this — to have her man at her shows pumping his fist with his dad. “

The podcast hosts then revealed their stance on the “Cruel Summer” singer.

“We are on record. We have a new movement, which is being neutral about Taylor Swift, and it is the most controversial take we can have,” they joked.

“Uh, I’m sorry, I can’t be seen with you,” Griffin replied. “Did you say neutral? She’s a queen.”

“Everyone thinks either ‘She’s a queen’ or ‘She should die,’” Taggart said. “And we’re like, ‘No.’ We’re trying to be neutral.”

Griffin ultimately accepted that the hosts are just “the Sweden of Taylor Swift.”

Listen to the “StraightioLab” podcast, here.


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