‘Kingdom’ Star Nick Jonas Explains His ‘Complex’ Character’s Painful Journey Through Season 1 (Video)

Frank Grillo also reveals how his co-stars developed a bond by fighting during new episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking with the Stars” presented by Freixenet

Nick Jonas plays a “complex” MMA fighter in DirecTV’s original series “Kingdom,” and he peeled back the layers during the latest episode of TheWrap‘s “Drinking with the Stars” presented by Freixenet.

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Jonas said, “My character has a big victory, followed by what isn’t a necessarily a big victory. And the audience will see that when it happens. The rest of my storyline for the season is self-discovery. Going on that journey to figure out who I am was important to me, what relationships are important to me and the complications that come with family when the carpet is ripped out from under you. It’s really complex and has a lot of layers.”

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Jonas plays a rising star in the ring, who is being trained by his father, played by co-star Frank Grillo (“The Purge: Anarchy”) at the family-owned gym in Venice, Calif. Jonathan Tucker (“Parenthood”) co-stars as Jonas’ older brother, while Matt Lauria (“Parenthood”) gets back into the ring after being paroled from prison.

While the training for the series premiering Wednesday on DirecTV’s Audience Channel was grueling, it ultimately brought the cast closer together.

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“There was an immediate camaraderie,” Grillo said. “We actually had to fight each other. When you’re physical like someone like that, there’s a mutual respect. It was a lot of fun.”

Watch Jonas and his fellow “Kingdom” stars in the latest episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars” above.