‘Morning Joe’ Torches ‘Gross’ Mike Johnson for Picking Fight With Biden Over Israel Funding (Video)

“We will protect the Jews if you protect the billionaires,” co-host Joe Scarborough said of Johnson’s conditional plan 

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” slammed new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson for “setting up a clash over how to approve the aid to Israel,” as his first move in the role. 

Co-host Mika Brzezinski summarized Johnson’s latest move as House Speaker as taking “the bipartisan goodwill of providing aid for Israel and launching a fight with President Biden over his signature achievement while setting up a collision course with the Senate.”

The aid package for Israel released by House Republicans yesterday includes $14.3 billion in emergency funding, however, there’s a catch. 

“The bill rescinds that same amount of IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Brzezinski. “The act is the major climate, health care, and tax law that President Biden signed into law last year.”

Brzezinski noted that the bill also excludes aid for Ukraine, “despite President Biden’s request for aid to both.” 

“If the bill passes the Republican-controlled House, the IRS provisions are all but guaranteed to be rejected by the Democratic-led Senate and the White House,” continued Brzezinski. “Setting up a clash over how to approve the aid to Israel and of course, leaving Ukraine out.”

“Well, of course leaving Ukraine out,” co-host Joe Scarborough chimed in. “I mean, it’s a great start.”

“Remarkable how tone-deaf my former party is. They are actually putting billionaires between the protection of Israel and the United States Congress,” said Scarborough.  

The “Morning Joe” co-host claimed “They’re taking the money that was passed and they’re gutting the IRS’s ability to go after billionaire tax cheats. And they think that’s the solution.” 

“We got this Mike Johnson guy who was part of a Congress that spent more money and drove us deeper into debt over a four-year period than any Congress in the history of the United States of America,” said Scarborough. 

“And now suddenly he won’t even help Jews protect themselves,” he continued. “It is so gross and making it even grosser, he says, here’s what we’re gonna do: We will protect the Jews if you protect the billionaires.”

Scarborough said he’s “never truly heard of a dumber plan to start a speakership than to put Jews’ lives in danger so you can protect billionaire tax cheats.”

“It’s just so grotesque,” Scarborough said. 


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