Norm MacDonald Auditions for Craig Ferguson’s ‘Late Late Show’ Job on ‘Conan’ (Video)

To prove he could host CBS’s “Late Late Show” after Ferguson steps down, comedian did an entire talk show in a single minute

Norm MacDonald has been campaigning for a new job on Twitter for a while now. He wants to be the next host of “The Late Late Show,” now that Craig Ferguson has announced he’s leaving at the end of this year. To prove he’s up to the job, MacDonald boasted, during an appearance on “Conan,” that he could do a whole talk show in a single minute.

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Conan O’Brien took him up on the challenge, and gave up his desk for the next minute. MacDonald burned through a one-joke monologue, bantered very briefly with sidekick Andy Richter, and then called out his first guest, Fred Willard, who brought along with him a one-word clip.

All of this went down while a timer ticked away his minute. It was kind of surreal.

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MacDonald did go over his allotted time by a few seconds, but he managed to get through it. Maybe the folks at CBS were watching. If not, he’s always got his hashtag campaign on Twitter, #LateLateNormNorm. At least until CBS makes a decision and names a new host for “The Late Late Show.”