Paramount+ Has Found the Winning Formula for ‘Star Trek’ | PRO Insight

Now it’s just a question of whether the streaming service will listen to ardent “Picard” fans and make it so

Paramount+’s “Star Trek: Picard” is an homage to a generation of ’90s “Trek” fans who followed the seven-season and four-movie heroics of the “Next Generation” crew of the USS Enterprise. It offers a master class to holders of similarly valuable IP in how to delight fans both old and new. And in today’s crowded and highly competitive streaming landscape, it should offer a powerful incentive for Paramount to give fans more of what they want. 

“Star Trek: Picard” is the most successful “Star Trek” show streaming today, according to viewership data from Samba TV. Not only did the Season 3 premiere perform well for Paramount+, topping the Season 4 premiere of “Star Trek Discovery” by more than 40%, but momentum built week after week as showrunner Terry Matalas and colleagues reintroduced a delightful cadence of familiar fan-favorite characters with each episode.  

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Dallas Lawrence

Dallas Lawrence is chief strategy officer and head of communications for Telly TV. He previously led platform communications at Roku and served as SVP and head of communications and brand at Samba TV.