To Boldly Stream: How ‘Star Trek’ and Taylor Sheridan Are Lifting Paramount+ | Charts

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Two of the most in-demand franchises are helping boost the home of “Picard” and “1923” 

"Star Trek: Picard" (Paramount+)

Amid an abundance of streaming content and fierce competition, the role of established TV franchises in driving subscriber growth, retention and profitability is indispensable. Paramount+ seems to have astutely harnessed the power of its beloved franchises, including “Star Trek” and the Taylor Sheridan Universe, to distinguish itself from competitors. As of 2022, these two franchises accounted for nearly half of the total demand for Paramount+ original content.

The “Star Trek” franchise, arguably Paramount+’s flagship property, alone accounted for approximately a third of the demand for the streamer’s original content. The exclusive streaming rights to a culturally significant franchise like “Star Trek,” encompassing both the original series and other network-released titles, gives Paramount+ a potent competitive advantage.