Seth Meyers Predicts One Substance Wouldn’t Come Up in a Trump Drug Test | Video

“The Trump White House was handing out speed and other drugs like it was an NFL locker room in the ’70s,” the NBC host jokes

As Donald Trump and his supporters continue to call for a drug test ahead of his debate with President Biden, Seth Meyers is pretty sure he knows what the results would be. On “Late Night,” the NBC host actually predicted that there’s only one substance that wouldn’t be found in the convicted felon’s system during a drug test.

Throughout his Thursday night “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers mocked the idea that Biden might be on drugs, especially considering the fact that back in January, the Defense Department’s inspector general released a report revealing that during Trump’s administration the White House Medical Unit gave out controlled substances pretty regularly.

In fact, the exact words used to describe the White House at that time (at least to Rolling Stone) was “awash in speed.” So, Meyers found it ironic that Trump is suggesting Biden is on drugs.

“The Trump White House was handing out speed and other drugs like it was an NFL locker room in the ’70s,” Meyers said. “If they gave Trump a blood test, the only thing they wouldn’t find is blood. We’d have no idea which specific drugs he’s on, because the results would just say ‘One of everything.’”

To underscore his point, Meyers played a supercut of the many times Trump has acted erratically at public appearances, making sound effects and more. The late night host also had another laugh at Fox News host Sean Hannity, for his “Jacked Up Joe” nickname for Biden.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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