Stephen Colbert Skewers Hillary Clinton Over Authenticity Campaign (Video)

“Way to show that trademark heart. And, yes, they will be having it trademarked,” host says of candidate

Stephen Colbert got real with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on his late night show Friday, taking the candidate to task over recent efforts to be more authentic.

“Experience does not matter to voters,” Colbert said from his new desk at CBS. “Yes, Ms. Clinton is clearly qualified for the office but to be elected is not enough. You have to appear genuine. If only there was some way we could get a glimpse into the private side of Hillary Clinton. I don’t know — read her emails or something?”

Colbert referenced a recent New York Times piece outlining the former Secretary of State’s forthcoming charm offensive.

“She needs to show more humor and heart, and rely less on what aides say. Which is why I was so excited to see this headline: ‘Hillary Clinton to show more humor and heart, aides say,’” Colbert said. Watch the full clip here.

Colbert went on to jab the campaign for disclosing its plans for spontaneity — like having a “run in” with a journalist from the Times to discuss said spontaneity.

The host closed out his segment by applauding Clinton’s “trademark heart. And, yes, they will be having it trademarked.”