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‘Stranger Things 4’ Stars David Harbour, Brett Gelman and Winona Ryder Talk Russian Prisons, ‘80s Horror Movies (Video)

”I’m sorry, internet,“ Harbour says

The first seven super-sized episodes of “Stranger Things 4” have just dropped on Netflix. And if you still need more “Stranger Things,” check out our chat with stars David Harbour, Brett Gelman and Winona Ryder in the video above.

Harbour talked about how between “Black Widow” and “Stranger Things,” he has spent a lot of time in Russian gulags. Of course, he points out the differences – one is a Russian super-soldier and the other is a smalltown sheriff or, as Harbour put it, “the most American American in a Russian prison. He is a trope of an American cowboy in a Russian prison, who has to have his ‘Great Escape,’ in a way.” He even differentiated the characters by the way they looked – in “Black Widow” he has long hair and a bushy beard; in “Stranger Things,” he’s got a shaved head and beard.

“But I’m sorry, internet, I got cast in these two things back-to-back and I knew you’d give me hell for it,” Harbour said. “Anything is better than these poor protestors who are in the Russian prisons right now,” Ryder added, referencing current geopolitical turmoil and not, you know, the Upside Down. “It’s absolutely bizarre to me, the timing of this.”

We also hear the stars’ favorite 1980s horror movies (spoiler alert: Ryder’s movie choices are actually both from the 1970s, but don’t tell her we told you), since this season of “Stranger Things” is so deeply indebted to the horror classics of the era.  

The first part of “Stranger Things 4” is streaming on Netflix now. The second part is out on July 1.  

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