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‘Stranger Things': Charlie Heaton Says Season 4 Will ‘Get Into the Mythology’ of the Upside Down (Video)

Season 4 leaves us with some questions, but the actor thinks we might get a few answers too

The new season of “Stranger Things” will surely leave us with some unanswered questions, but Charlie Heaton thinks we might walk away with a few big answers too.

“I think what’s cool about specifically this season and going into the last [season] is that you’re really starting to unveil the curtain and get into the mythology of it all,” he told TheWrap.

The first seven episodes of “Stranger Things 4” debuted on Netflix on Friday, and it’s a doozy. The story picks up half a year after the events of Season 3, and the main characters are struggling to adapt to high school as new threats emerge. The scope is immense, and the crew is scattered across the globe, literally.

Heaton’s Jonathan Byers has relocated with his family to California, which is where he befriended Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco). The newcomer told TheWrap he had a lexicon of 1980s horror knowledge to pull from when he joined Season 4, which is heavily inspired by the genre. In fact, there’s one film in particular that still haunts him.

“‘The Fly.’ That one’s up there for me,” he told TheWrap, explaining that his mom showed him the film for the first time when he was younger. “She was like, ‘It ruined me, so now you’re going to watch it.’ I watched it, and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Heaton admitted that he hadn’t seen “The Fly” (they made plans to watch it together), but he did remember his older sisters watching “Poltergeist” when he was a child.

“The freaked me out,” he told TheWrap, expanding upon a a few of the scenes that stick with him the most. “You when his face starts peeling off in the bathroom mirror? He’s shaving in the mirror, and his skin just starts peeling off.”

It remains to be seen how Season 4 will conclude, given that Episodes 8 and 9 won’t drop on Netflix until July 1. It’s bound to be pretty epic though, considering the end of this season will usher us into the end of the series, since Season 5 will be the last.

While Franco is new to the “Stranger Things” universe, Heaton has played Jonathan Byers since Season 1. Neither spoiled the ending for us, and Heaton said he’s not even sure he could guess where the Duffer brothers might take us next.

“Every year you try and guess where it goes, and it’s nowhere close to what they end up doing,” he said. “But, you’re right, it is sad that it’s coming to a close.”

As for where he hopes to see Jonathan’s arc go in Season 5? Really, he just wants him to get some closure about his relationship with his family.

“His family has been through a lot,” he said. “He cares so much about his family and he’s also trying to have a relationship with the supposed love of his life. I’d like to see some closure with his family. I’d love to see him and Joyce just sit down and — they’ve been through so much and I feel like they’ve never had the chance to talk about it.”

He added: “I just want a hug from my mother.”

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