‘The Daily Show’: DL Hughley Says Tucker Carlson Is ‘So Obsessed With Black People’ He Should Be Called ‘Sickle Cell’ (Video)

“Tucker Carlson — you know, the grown dude with the bangs — this dude keeps finding stupid s— to say,” Hughley said

“The Daily Show” guest host DL Hughley had Tucker Carlson in his sights on Tuesday night, picking apart the Fox News personality’s latest mockery of the killings of Tyre Nichols and George Floyd. According to the comedian, Carlson’s obsession with the topic reminds him of a literal disease that more often affects Black people.

To kick off his rundown of the news headlines, Hughley started with the ongoing fallout of the body cam footage released of Tyre Nichols’ arrest. On Monday, Hughley noted that, though it was brutal, he wasn’t surprised by it, nor were most Black people. On Tuesday night, the comedian said that there’s one clear indicator that the story is going to be at the center of the news cycle for a while.

“The real sign that this story is not going anywhere any time soon is that Tucker Carlson — you know, the grown dude with the bangs — this dude keeps finding stupid s— to say,” Hughley said.

In this particular instance, the “stupid s—” Hughley was referring to was a segment from Carlson’s show in which the Fox News host claims that “the race riots of 2020 were never about George Floyd, obviously. That’s why there are no statues of him in American cities.”

“This dude is so obsessed with Black people, I’m gonna start calling him sickle cell,” Hughley joked (for those unaware, according to the CDC, Black people are at a significantly higher risk of having sickle cell disease).

Hughley then turned his attention to Carlson’s claim itself, noting that there’s probably a very specific reason Floyd wouldn’t have gotten a statue.

“If George Floyd didn’t get a statue, it might be because, to get a statue in this country, you got to do some pretty horrible s— to Black people,” Hughley said.

Of course, Carlson’s original claim itself was incorrect, because there are in fact multiple statues of George Floyd that have been erected across the country following his murder. But Hughley isn’t surprised that the host didn’t recognize them.

“You didn’t recognize them because that looks like LeVar Burton right there,” he joked.

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.