‘The Daily Show’: Wanda Sykes Wonders How Cops Find ‘Time to Shoot People’ After Learning How Many Speeding Tickets Are Given (Video)

“That’s a lot of tickets!” she marveled

Wanda Sykes has some questions for police about their time management after learning just how many tickets they give out on a daily basis.

In her penultimate show as “The Daily Show” guest host for the week, Sykes devoted an entire segment on Thursday night to discussing how police across the country dole out speeding tickets. According to the host, 112,000 speeding tickets are issued every day, and she was blown away by that number — and also, a bit confused.

“Yeah, that’s a lot of tickets,” Sykes marveled. “I’m like, where do they find the time to shoot people?”

Sykes went on to call out other issues she has with the process, including the fact that, in some cities, those tickets are issued specifically to raise money for the town, and are often aimed specifically at poorer parts of the population.

The comedian was particularly upset by the addition of extra fees in some places, joking that it seems speeding tickets are being written just because “the mayor wants a standing desk.”

“So it costs you $51 to give me a $30 ticket? How about you not giving me the ticket, and you just saved yourself $21?” she joked.

Friday marked Sykes’ last show as guest host — at least for now. Until the late-night show finds a permanent replacement for Trevor Noah, who exited in December after seven years hosting, there will be a rotating roster of guest hosts.

Now that Sykes has finished her week of shows, one of the “Big Four” from “The Original Kings of Comedy” will take over next. D.L. Hughley’s first show will be on Jan. 30.

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.