‘The View’ Hosts Disagree on Whether Biden Should Mock Trump During Debate | Video

“I think Joe Biden needs to get under his skin,” Ana Navarro says

The View

As the first presidential debate between President Biden and Donald Trump looms closer, the hosts of “The View” are split on what Biden’s strategy should be — specifically in regards to mocking his opponent.

During Friday’s episode of the ABC talk show, the question posed was who has more to prove in this debate. And, in that regard, host Ana Navarro argued that Trump and his supporters have effectively kneecapped themselves by creating videos that make Biden seem “lost and decrepit.”

“They’ve lowered the bar so that if Joe Biden shows up and doesn’t keel over on his way to the podium, he’s had a good night,” Navarro said.

That said, she does think that Biden needs to make a point to get a few good swings in at Trump (not literally, of course).

“I think Joe Biden needs to get under his skin,” she continued. “I think he needs to mock him, get under his skin, he needs to cure Trump amnesia that this country has and remind us of the horror of the four years. He needs to tout and take credit for all the things his administration has done, but also going forward will do.”

Host Sara Haines disagreed, though. For her, Biden mocking Trump would be unnecessary, considering how easy it is to “rattle” Trump just by speaking calmly and cogently.

“You could stay the more, like, regular person and be the contrast to his crazy just by talking about some things that enraged him,” Haines argued. “Start by talking about who won the election, go from there!”

Sunny Hostin agreed that Biden can and will look more “regular” by being level-headed and “a real statesman,” but overall, she sided with Navarro on this one.

“I agree with Ana, I think that he needs to not go so statesmanly that he lets Trump get away with the stalking type of behavior that we saw with Hillary Clinton,” Hostin said. “All of the the misinformation that we saw with the Caitlin Collins interview. I think he needs to meet him where he’s at and beat him at his own game.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video, above.


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