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‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple: A New Gameshow Craze?

NBC greenlights the easy money ”Perfect 10.“ It looks a lot like another show that’s a hit in the UK.

NBC has greenlit eight episodes of "Perfect 10," a gameshow format in which contestants have to perform 10 seemingly simple tasks in order to win $1 million.

The format is strikingly similar to "The Cube," a hit gameshow that launched on Britain’s ITV earlier this year.

NBC describes "Perfect 10" as a series that revolves around "10 deceptively simple games that require savvy contestants to complete under pressure."

ITV’s official show description for "The Cube," meanwhile, says its series asks contestants to "attempt seemingly simple tasks in a large Perspex cube, whilst state-of-the-art filming techniques illustrate the intense pressure they feel as each test unfolds."

Both shows force contestants to complete a series of increasingly difficult tasks to win money (seven for "The Cube," 10 for "Perfect 10"). In both cases, failing to complete a challenge results in losing all monies earned.

"The Cube" also uses innovative camera work and high-tech special effects to give it an almost "Matrix"-like feel. It’s unclear if "Perfect 10" will also use such techniques.

One key difference: NBC’s show is designed to be family-friendly and will offer a chance for viewers (and their kids) to try out the games on the show in advance, since the competitions will be posted online before the show airs. 

Objective TV, an All 3 Television company, produces "The Cube." American networks have been pitched the idea for "The Cube," but as of yet, no networks have announced plans to produce the series in the States.

In addition to ordering the show for NBC, NBC Universal plans to begin selling "Perfect 10" on the international market next week at MIPCOM.

Friday TV is producing "Perfect 10" in conjunction with Universal Media Studios. Friday is part of Metronome Film & TV, a unit of Shine Group.

Check out a clip of "The Cube" below: