‘Breaking Bad’ Finale: 5 (Sort of) Loose Ends (Video)

What's the deal with Chile?

(Spoiler alert: Don't read this if you haven't seen the “Breaking Bad” finale, which hasn't yet aired on the West Coast.)

How tight is the writing on “Breaking Bad”? So tight its loose ends are barely loose.

Creator Vince Gilligan promised the finale would wrap everything up, and it did — to a shocking degree. The payoff came in completely unexpected ways, but a few people we thought might come up one last time never did.

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The biggest unanswered question may be unanswerable: What happened, years ago, between Walt and the Schwartzes? Obviously, he thinks they wronged him. Skyler even suggested in the first season that Walt might have gotten lung cancer by being exposed to dangerous chemicals, apparently when he was working with them. In a way, they may be responsible for every bad thing that's happened since.

But they would obviously disagree. So that question may be endlessly in the eye of the beholder, along with the matter of whether cooking meth is an acceptable coping strategy.

Here are five sort-of loose ends, and why we shouldn't worry too much about them.

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Chile: What on earth happened with Gus in Chile? Why was he so un-killable before he met Walt? The Bald Move Breaking Good podcast had me convinced for a minute that Gus’ friends south of the border might show up to take down the Neo Nazis. But that didn't happen. The good news is, we might get another chance to hear about Gus’ Chilean connections. AMC is working in “Better Call Saul,” a prequel about Saul Goodman's early days. Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus, has said he would reprise the role. “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan would love to work with Esposito again. So.

Brock: We can probably guess what happens here: Jesse makes sure this poor kid never suffers again. “Talking Bad,” the “Breaking Bad” post show, suggested Jesse is indeed on his way to help him. Bald Move had a good point though: Brock has a grandmother. Maybe she would be a better guardian than Jesse. Maybe he should just throw some money at her house?

Lydia's kid: Lydia's plea for her daughter helped save her from getting shot early in Season 5. If only Mike weren't such a softie he might have been around for the finale. “Breaking Bad” was kind enough not to show the little girl's response to her mom almost certainly dying of ricin. Now the little girl will suffer two tragedies: Growing up motherless, and going through life with the name “Kiira Rodarte-Quayle.”

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Ted Beneke: Skyler's old boss promised never to talk about the source of his injuries — and he never did. Apparently, not even when Walt's name was all over the news. Okay.

Jane's Dad: After their moment talking about daughters in Season 2, I was sure Donald Margolis would somehow figure out Walt's role in his daughter's death. Maybe a guy with a recovering heroin addict child might keep hidden cameras around. But no: Mr. Margolis turned out not to be snoopy. But really: Could he have done worse than causing a creepy bear eye to land in Walt's pool? The final shot of the show could have featured a strange cylindrical object slipping from Walt's hand. We're glad the show passed on that grace note. (Update: A commenter below points out that Walt heard a report that Margolis attempted suicide. I don't think his death was ever confirmed. But, that would take care of that, wouldn't it? Thanks for the comment.)

  • Huell

    What about Huell?

    • tim.molloy

      Haha. He's hanging out with that DEA agent!

    • Sam Uehs

      That was a loose end that was missed…Poor Huell sent to the safe house and never told he could leave…He made a parody video on Funny or Die for a fake spin-off show:

    • CM Miller

      huell is sitting in a chair waiting for hank to tell him he can go.

    • WWSGD?

      I'm pretty sure the DEA would have used him as an informant against Walt, if they ever caught him. It's very likely that's way Saul had to leave town.

    • Mark Walters

      This should clear that up – http://bigfanboy.com/wp/?p=20567

  • mike l

    Donald Margolis killed himself, walt heard it on the radio and quickly turned it in season 3

    • tim.molloy

      Totally missed that, and updated the story. Thank you!

    • http://cort.as/5m3N makesupto40dollarsperhour

      lol just like that!

  • Sean Murdock

    My biggest unanswered question is — How did they get through FIVE seasons of this show, and NEVER use Neil Young's “Albuquerque” as a music cue?


  • e_x_i_t

    We're assuming that Lydia actually had a kid and wasn't just throwing out the “but I have a family!” plea (that countless people have used over the years) as a last ditch attempt at pity to not get snuffed out. Also, she would have killed Skyler without even batting an eye and she has 2 kids, one of which being a one year old baby. Think about it, we've seen everyone else's kids in some form, but never hers, unless that is I'm forgetting something and she actually showed a picture of her kid to Mike.

    I'm sure if Walt had found out Lydia had originally told Todd to kill her, she would have gotten a bit more than just a little ricen in her tea.

    • John

      They showed her kid earlier.

    • Campbell_Glass

      We're assuming that Lydia actually had a kid.

      YOU'RE assuming that. The rest of us saw the episode with her kid in it.

  • Meg

    Actually, Donald Margolis attempted suicide and was rushed to the hospital for his injuries. Walt turned off the car radio before they could announce whether Mr. Margolis lived or died, therefore, his fate was never explicitly revealed to the viewer.

    • tim.molloy

      Thanks, added this to the story after Mike I pointed it out.

  • hippichicki

    E_x_i_t: We saw Lydia's daughter in episode when Mike goes to her house & almost kills her! The nanny was teaching her to count in Spanish! You have SEEN the show right?

  • John

    I'm sorry, but what about Jesse? That is a gigantic loose end.The police have a ton of evidence against him. His confession DVD is at Jack's compound somewhere. His fingerprints are all over the meth lab. Despite the DVD Hank had paperwork on him back at his house. Marie can testify against him. Skyler can testify against him. Huel, and numerous other former Saul associates can testify against him. Plus we could talk about Jack's network of bad guys inside all the prisons. Word of Jack dead and Jesse being involved with Heisenberg, not hard to put two and two together. Jesse riding off into the sunset makes ZERO sense and is completely unsatisfying.

    • ottomarcos

      I haven't watched last night's Talking Bad yet, so maybe the Jesse angle was addressed there. Seeing as Jesse was all alone, the impression I got as he drove away was that he could make a clean getaway, especially if he made no further attempt to contact Brock. If we can accept that Walt may never have been found had he remained in hiding in the Granite State (as he was advised to do), it makes sense that Jesse could also disappear and assume a new identity; especially if he crossed the border and fled far, far away (to South America or overseas, for example)…

    • Jules

      That DVD is long gone. The Neo Nazi wouldn't keep something like that around you might have missed something last week because The Neo Nazis went though Hank's home and took everything. Files, tapes, computer drivers, everything. The only thing they have is Jesse's finger prints but they may assume that he's dead.

      • John

        In what episode did they show the Nazi's getting rid of it? Also, in which episode did they show the Nazi's wiping down the lab to conceal Jesse's prints? And in which episode did they show Marie, Skyler, and Huel, refusing to name Jesse and one of Walt's co-conspiractors?

    • CM Miller

      we all know what happens to jesse. he gets with skinny pete and badger and they have a big A release from bondage partay, bitcheez

      • hirschmead321

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      • John

        At least I could believe this ending.

    • WWSGD?

      I wouldn't classify Jesse as a loose end, really. Most of what you said is a fact (except the DVD/incriminating paperwork being at the compound or Hank's house is an assumption, as is the idea that larger Nazi network knows that Jack was holding Jesse prisoner). Hell, Jesse could have been driving at 90 mph as the cops were showing up on the scene and only made it 200 yards from the compound before getting pulled over and arrested. But is he a loose end? That's gets a little bit into semantics. For me, at this point in the series, it didn't really matter what happened to Jesse next. That moment he drives through the gate he not only escapes the Nazi prison – he is free of Walt and all that went along with it. Jesse got his resolution – he was no longer Walt's bitch.

  • ottomarcos

    Still haven't watched last night's Talking Bad, so maybe some of what I'm addressing here was explained there. Perhaps there originally was more to come exploring Walt's origins with the Schwartzes in Season One; but, that season was cut short by the writer's strike, thus causing Vince Gilligan to delete them from the storyline? Gilligan apparently had not planned to bring them back until they were mentioned by Breaking Bad fan, and teenaged terminal cancer victim, Kevin Cordasco, who questioned Gilligan about them earlier this year, after all. I also hope that Gus Fring's past will be explored in “Better Call Saul”. It would be a way of showing how Gus broke so bad, thus providing a fitting figure for Breaking Bad's evil kingpin, Fring. We can't be sure where Lydia's daughter was when her mother died. No doubt the daughter spent a lot of time with caretakers while Lydia was doing business. It can take many hours for serious symptoms of ricin poisoning to become obvious, so maybe Lydia was having her daughter stay with others once Lydia started feeling sick. Ted Beneke may have had numerous personal reasons not to mention his role in past events, including fearing for his own life had he dared to talk. I also figured Donald Margolis had either died or had been left incapable of communicating due to his suicide attempt, thus removing him as a factor in the plot line.

  • gobbledygook13

    The Schwartzes aren't a loose end. Walt bowed out of Grey Matter early on for only $5K and still got along with them despite an apparent jealousy over their success and an awkwardness about not doing as well in his own. They stopped getting along when Gretchen found out that Walt was lying about accepting their money (rather he would not accept their money but lied to Skyler that he had). It just pissed him off that they claimed he hadn't contributed anything of value to the company, other than the name.

    • Campbell_Glass

      Sigh. You really DON'T pay attention, do you?

      It's A LOT more than “bowing out” and “jealousy over their success.”

      Go back. Watch it again. And this time, pay attention.

      • dodger4754

        I believe you're right, CG. They basically ripped him off even though he was originally a partner and the one who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

      • WWSGD?

        But do you regard the back story as a loose end? The second half of what “Guest” said aside, a lot of people seem to think of the Grey Matter / Gretchen & Walt relationship as a loose end. Does it matter why Walt dumps Gretchen? Maybe he didn't love her anymore or whatever. The fact they had romantic feelings in the past only helps to explain why she doesn't completely rat Walt out to Skyler in the first season. What happened at Grey Matter is a MacGuffin – It only matters that Walt perceives the slight (although, with no evidence to back it up, I'd bet he's mostly right that the company's success was probably built on his original research).

  • Wendy Darling

    ““Talking Bad,” the “Breaking Bad” post show, suggested Jesse is indeed on his way to help him.”

    Not really. Jonathan Banks thought that's what would probably happen, but that's just one opinion. Besides, it's an imaginary future that doesn't exist, so he's not on his way anywhere.

  • Wendy Darling

    Any thoughts as to how on earth he put ricin in a sugar packet?!

    • Campbell_Glass

      Using the same magic powers that he got the poison to a kid in daycare. WW-dot-magic.

    • Aaron

      if he can build a remote controlled machine gun, he can most definitely put ricin into a sugar packet

    • ActionsNeedConsequences

      He knows the coffee shop mtg place. He knows she drinks Stiva(?). He knows she sits at the back table. Swipe a packet days earlier, steam it open, replace it with ricin, place in table just before the meet. Note Lydia specifically asks for another packet, as if Walt purposely left just one.

      Nothing surprised me in the finale but I still enjoyed it. Thx Vince. Going to miss this show.

  • BB

    Where did Uncle Jack hide the money? What happened to Huell? Todd was too proud of being in Jesse's DVD, I think he kept it.

  • Marc Greene

    Remember Lydia's plea to Mike. It wasn't to not be killed; it was to not disappear. She wanted her daughter to know she had died rather than she just vanished. With the Ricin, she'll at least have her last hours/days with her daughter before she dies. Walter didn't even get that.

  • Dan

    I can't remember what season this was in, but Walt told Jesse that he was bought out of Grey Matter for $5,000 because that was a lot of money to him and Skyler at the time and they just had Walt Jr. What prompted the buyout?? Not quite sure

    • DDR

      The messy love triangle between Elliot, Gretchen and Walt caused his to take a buyout.

      • Trevor

        Ya, I always understood it that Walt was originally with Gretchen, then she leaves him for Elliot, now there's a awkwardness between the 3 of them, and since Elliot and Gretchen are together Walt just bows out.
        Not that they specifically give us all of that info, but I thought that's what should be inferred.

    • NotSoSkinnyPete

      And after Walt left Grey Matter, he was still a hotshot chemist, so why was a high school teaching job the best he could get? They show a flash back where he and Skyler have just bought there house. Skyler is pregnant with Jr. and Walt is very optimistic, thinking they might need a larger house. Did he have a better job prospect then? What happened in the intervening 15 years?

  • CM Miller

    that dangling bear eyeball really bugged me. I hope Saul knows somebody, who knows somebody who can solve that little mystery.

  • Brendan

    If I'm correct didn't Janes dad commit suicide? I'm pretty sure after the plane crash he shot himself and Walt heard it on the radio or TV.

  • sholcomb6

    I was never comfortable with the excuse that Walt had to cook to pay his and Hank's medical bills. Walt was a teacher and must have had insurance and Hank was a federal employee so you know he had decent medical insurance.

    • WWSGD?

      Both of them did have medical insurance but, in both cases, their insurance would not cover the best treatment options available. Skyler, early in the series, is obsessed with getting Walt to the best oncologist possible (recommended by Marie), but has massive fights with the insurance company. That leads to the Grey Matter offer, Walt's ego taking over and, only when he figures out that cooking meth is a viable option, does he finally agree to the treatment Skyler wants. Basically, the entire series’ start is a denial of access to care by an insurance company! Hank was in a similar position and Marie was desperate and Skyler could identify with what her sister was going through.

      • Ia

        Therefor OBAMACARE is needed

  • Huell

    More than anything else, I'd like to know what happens to me!

  • Jesse White

    What about the watch Jesse gave to Walt that he left laying on top of the pay phone at the gas station where he made the call from to get the address? That is the one I can't figure out, I mean in the end he still loved Jesse enough to throw himself on top of him and shield him from the bullets. Then gave him the gun and the opportunity to kill him. So why would he ditch the watch Jesse gave him? They made a point to show that in the episode but I didnt get the meaning or significance of it?

    • Trevor

      That's the one thing that made no sense to me in the finale. Why leave it there on the payphone if it meant no sense to him? He could've left it in the cabin, in the car, in the diner. Why on earth on top of that payphone?

      • xx

        VG said that was for continuity reasons… They realized he hadn't been wearing a watch when they originally shot the flash forward sequences, ergo he had to dump it. Walt's character motivation, according to VG, is because Jesse partnered with the Nazis to cook meth and they all betrayed him. It was Walt symbolically cutting ties with Jesse.

        • Trevor

          The continuity thing makes sense I guess, not that I would've noticed.
          But Walt didn't know that Jesse was cooking with the Neo-Nazis until he heard from Badger and Skinny Pete, after he paid a visit to the Schwartzs.

    • zander_st

      Walt thought Jesse was cooking WITH the Nazis at the point he left the watch on the pay phone. But he finds out that Jesse was being forced to cook for them instead of voluntarily and saves him.

  • disqus_Vvc7IXwASt

    What ever happend to Wendy, the prostitute?? Did she eat the ricin laced lunch that was supposed to be for the rival drug dealers?