‘Breaking Bad': One Last Guess How It Ends

'Breaking Bad': One Last Guess How It Ends

Here's one theory. What's yours?

TV's best drama it isn't over. You're still inside it. Savor this moment.

Until “Breaking Bad” concludes at 10:15 p.m. Sunday, you still get to theorize, synthesize, let Walter White's bloody chess game play out in your mind.

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Imagine you're watching “The Godfather” for the first time, and you don't know yet what happens to Vito Corleone. You're watching “Casablanca” without knowing if Ilsa chooses Rick or Laszlo. Remember that feeling?

That's how this feels to me.

So for the last time, let's put our final theories on the table. Very few people not involved with “Breaking Bad” know how it ends. AMC hasn't sent out preview copies to critics. Vince Gilligan offered to tell a boy who was dying of cancer how it concludes – and that brave, tough kid said no. He planned to live to see it himself.

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He didn't make it. We will. Let's be grateful for everything we have, including our capacity to imagine. And the gift of watching a great story conclude.

Here's my theory on how “Breaking Bad” ends. It's wrong. I'm always wrong. The writers have thought of my idea and a hundred others and thrown them out in favor of whatever brilliant ending we'll actually see. But here we go. Ready?

Okay. Walt tracks down Lydia. He gets her to take him to Jack's white supremacist compound, which I'm calling the Nothing's OK Corral. He acts like he wants to talk about getting back into the business, and they're curious enough to hear him out. Walt poisons everyone but himself and Lydia with ricin, unknowingly borrowing a page from Gus Fring's “poison everyone” playbook. (Did you know ricin will kill if inhaled? No poisoned tequila bottle necessary.) He finishes the job with the M60.

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The only survivors are Jesse, safely encased in his underground cage, Todd, who is cagey in a different way, and Lydia, who Todd wants to protect. We end up in a situation where Lydia has the drop on Walt, and Jesse, who's already shown a proclivity for escape, escapes and kills her first. It's payback for Todd: Todd killed Jesse's girl (apologies to Rick Springfield), and now Jesse's killed his. Todd lives or dies, I don't know. Since he's pure evil, his earthly form doesn't really matter.

It comes down, just as it did at the end of Season 4, to Walt and Jesse. Jesse has a gun on Walt, but instead of telling Jesse to kill him, he says he'll kill himself. He does it with something involving chemistry. By blowing up the compound's meth lab, perhaps.

It's beautiful.

Somewhere in all of this, Walt's family gets help from Saul, intervening from Nebraska. This is Saul's Han Solo moment. We thought he was bailing out on the attack on the Death Star and saving himself, but at the last moment he swoops in to help. He's always liked Skyler and as we saw in the penultimate episode, he's worried about her. Maybe he has some evidence that gets Skyler off. Maybe he gets her a huge sum of money. Maybe he took out a big life insurance policy on Walt without Walt knowing, as soon as Walt came through his door. That seems like a very Saul thing to do.

Jesse, the only survivor of the shootout at the Not OK Corral, takes a lot of money. He goes and finds Brock and gets him out of New Mexico. The End.

A lot of people expect Walter Jr./Flynn to try meth at some point during the episode. But that would be too on the nose.

Okay, that's my guess. What's yours?

  • tdee

    that was awful

  • RolloMartins

    That pretty much was mine as well, without the Lydia part and the Skylar part, which I think makes much more sense.

  • drbeebo

    You may be wrong…but I like your story.

  • ottomarcos

    But, what about Gretchen and Elliot? Why bring them back if they don't figure into the finale? My theory is that the M-60 is meant for Gretchen & Elliot because Walt became so enraged by what they said that he wants his ultimate revenge, but he can't otherwise get close enough to carry out his mission. He may or may not succeed in that effort, but perhaps by the time he goes to the house for the ricin that scenario has already played out. What about Lydia's teacup, and the fixation on it in numerous episodes, including the penultimate? Lydia wants Walt's family dead, so the ricin is meant for both her and Todd, via ingestion, and possibly for others in the compound; though the M-60 may play a role there, as well. In the ensuing mayhem, Jesse escapes in a vehicle, managing to take a couple of barrels of money with him. Walt simply collapses, possibly because of the cancer, or a combination of that and having been injured during the final battle. He dies, alone. With every possible witness or participant either dead or absconded, the DEA doesn't have enough evidence with which to prosecute Skyler, so she, Walt Jr, and the baby are left at Marie's house. Somehow, I don't see Saul being magnanimous enough to help them. However, I can imagine Jesse pulling up in front of Marie's house at night, where he has Brock with him in the front seat. Because it's dark, he rolls one of the barrels into Marie's backyard, and leaves it. He then makes a clean getaway with Brock. I doubt I'm right, either, but I prefer my version…

    • tim.molloy

      I like your version, too. Great point about the teacup! Now I can totally see her tea getting poisoned. But I feel at the same time like she's almost the person Walt least wants to kill. Since he doesn't know Todd threatened his family, does Walt have a reason to kill Todd? (Besides getting his money back? In his talk with Saul last episode, he seemed to be focusing his anger on Jack.)

      It would be AMAZING if he killed Gretchen and Elliott, since in his mind they started this whole mess by ripping him off. Then again, they're pure civilians… which would make his Scarface transformation even more complete.

      • ottomarcos

        That's exactly what I was thinking, in regards to Gretchen and Elliot. It could be a sort of coming-full-circle, both in Walt's mind and in the overriding story arc of good-to-bad. As for the other part, I figured getting his money back no longer matters to Walt after what he saw on the television. Revenge, and saving his family, become his two singular motivations. Walt would somehow find out about the threat on Skyler via one final attempt at reaching out to her. Walt Jr. has definitively rejected him, but Skyler now has good reason for Walt to learn what happened and how the entire family is at risk. He would easily figure out that it's Todd the sociopath and his clan who literally got so close to Skyler and the baby that he has to eradicate all of them permanently. He might then see Todd and Lydia together as he's engineering the final showdown, and assume Lydia was in on it as well; thus making her an obvious target. In true Breaking Bad fashion, there may still be some final, completely unforeseen twist which would end with something altogether different happening. However, with all the clues already presented which seem to require resolution, I'm thinking the final episode will be all about tying up the loose ends.

      • ottomarcos

        I just posted a comment with the link to the Facebook BB page where I posted this article. It's awaiting moderation. In the meantime, my latest additional theory is that the lottery ticket with the GPS numbers was actually a winner, but Walt never knew it. The family, including Marie, are all safe and sound and living the good life!

        • ottomarcos

          How the lottery ticket happened to return, yet again, in the finale was much more satisfying than the fairy tale ending I foresaw. Bravo!

    • BRinMilwaukee

      >>>Walt simply collapses, possibly because of the cancer, or a combination
      of that and having been injured during the final battle.<<< Good call.

      • ottomarcos

        Thanks. I was sure of 2 things: that the ricin was meant for Lydia's teacup and that no doubt Walt would die alone. I figured when he collapsed after Hank was killed it was a forewarning and a clue about his coming final collapse. It was fitting that he would be left with literally nobody “by his side” after his reign of terror. There were many people predicting Walt would ingest the ricin, which I discounted since dying from ricin is very painful and the body undergoes unbelievably stressful reactions. I also knew ricin poisoning can take hours to start showing symptoms, unlike sarin or other types of chemical poisoning. It would have been too ugly to actually watch Lydia die, so it's a good thing that wasn't shown!

  • NKR

    I have one simple theory: Brock kills Walt

  • Thaddeus Whithed

    Love it. I could definitely live with your ending. :)

  • ottomarcos

    Check out the exchange on the BB Facebook page after I posted Tim's article on Friday night. BTW, Another
    guess about tonight's finale (besides what I've previously posted on
    Tim Molloy's The Wrap page and on the BB FB page) is that
    Jesse gets away with Brock and the lottery ticket numbers Walt used
    actually did win the lottery, but Walt never knew it (that would be
    assuming Skyler took the ticket with her when she left house)!

  • ottomarcos

    I posted another comment, which is awaiting moderation due to the fact that it includes a link to the Facebook Breaking Bad page where I shared Tim's article. In case that comment isn't approved, my latest additional theory is that the lottery ticket with the GPS
    numbers was actually a winner, but Walt never knew it. The family,
    including Marie, are all safe and sound somewhere and living the good life!

  • Michelle

    gretchens maiden name was Black, she married elliot because she liked cutesy plays on word, I.e. gray matter . significance in the white and black too, walt is white, evil but an innocent he has forgotten the real reasons why he and gretchen broke up.

    He still has all those dozens of barrels of chemicals used to fumigate houses, remembering walt has a lot of protective gear. he will gas the nazis, poetic for historical reasons, IMO.
    he will drive up with a truclkoad of chemicals, say one last batch as I promised you. He will claim they need to use the methylamine for one huge cook because it is going bad, he will water it down somehow or convince him the barrels in his truck are to make sure they have enough to do this one last cook.

    He has the M-60 in one of the barrels, his homemade WMD in one or more of them. He also has tracer bullets in the M-60 to torch the lab to destroy the residue and not allow the gas to harm innocents.
    I will say in a moment re the way he detonates these, it is with his remote control, he already has killed gus with one of his mercury fulminate weapons

    But his diversion will maybe be remote controlled detonaros for some bombs like he did gus in with. he will have skinny pete and badger in this posse maybe because he despite help from saul cant find enough of these guys to back him up in time otherwise. I think even saul helps with some of this assault.

    Walt uses this diversion to throw some chemical suits down to MArie, skylar walt and brock, and says put them on and do not take them on until I tell you to.
    Walt also has a few of these bombs in the barrels ready to go at the push of a button. They are his “trojan horse” this truck with what looked to be chemicals for making meth but it will be a trucklload of death for jack and crew.
    I figured gassing the nazis was a given since they killed millions that way in ww2.
    OK< sorry for any typos or such, I am kind of busy here multitasking :)
    I do see jack lying on the ground as walt was when hank was murdered, he will tell jack he lost, and make jack say his name, jack is dying but he gasps out"Your …. Name,…. Your name is….. Heisenberg" and then dies horribly.
    Todd appears out of nowhere to shoot walt but as he is pulling the trigger jesse pops up and shoots todd in the head before he can kill walt. walt is surprised, jesse point it at walt next, he is hesitationg but then brock is in view, he puts the hammer back down and throws it down. "No more killing, no more"

    Not sure but think walt gets to buy gray matter for pennies on the dollar, like something that has the number "8" in it, always has been 8,000 for first cook, 80,000 later for a lab, 80 million when jjack welker stole it at gun point.
    He wil get it due to a seizure by the feds and it wil be sold. walt will get it for 80 million I predict. and walt will end up a hero because marie will claim he was working with Hank all along to infiltrate this drug ring as he knew science and chemistry. Why does she relent and vbecome on walts side? because jack will gloat over walts grovelling and tell how he offered 80 million forher husbands life but he refused as he took it anyhow, she might have some part in jack dying as well when she learns this. OK< sorry if some of this is a bit disconnected but it is how I think it will end. the alternative is a dream where it is a cold be moment he did cook a batch or two but the tuco and crazy 8 incidents scared him out of it.

    I will vote for walt to win and kill the real heisenberg, might be more obvious than it looks, the key is Gretchens maiden name was BLACK:)! enjoy it, I know I will :)

    • tim.molloy

      Gassing the Nazis is brilliant! Great, great idea.

      • tim.molloy

        Actually, this whole theory is so much fun. Shoulda kept reading before I posted.

  • Luis

    My theory is pretty much the same, the only thing that makes me think it won't happen this way is that it's too predictable. We know predictable is the last thing we can expect from Breaking Bad. In my theory Walt only kills Lidia with the ricin and then goes Tony Montana on the Nazies. Whatever happens, I think in the end Jesse will end up killing Walt. I don't think the writers chose to let Walt tell Jesse the Jane story for nothing. I don't think we'll see any more of Gretchen and Elliott, it doesn't make sense to me that Walt kills them just because they hurt his ego.

  • Bob Kinsler

    Not bad. You were not too far off.