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TheGrill: Julie Bowen Reveals Her Wild ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Prediction (Video)

We won’t spoil the ”Modern Family“ star’s vision for Sunday’s final episode — you’ll have to watch

If you’re not caught up on “Breaking Bad,” Julie Bowen has no time for you.

The “Modern Family” star also has a vision for how it ends, which she shared with the audience at TheGrill, TheWrap’s fourth annual Media Leadership Conference. It’s all here for you in this video; yes, it’s a little bit spoiler-ey.

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“Here’s the thing. … If you’re not caught up by now, leave,” Bowen said. “Look – she’s got her fingers in her ears,” she said, pointing at a woman in the audience. “It’s TUESDAY! You know what I mean?”

Looking directly at the woman, Bowen said: “They’re all dying. Killin’ ‘em like flies.”

She actually had a much more detailed version of the finale in her head, involving a machine-gun wielding Walter White mowing down …

Aw, heck we won’t spoil her answer for you. Watch the video above.

Bowen’s Grill session moderated by TheWrap’s executive editor Joseph Kapsch below:


Jonathan Alcorn


Jonathan Alcorn