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‘Breaking Bad’ Star RJ Mitte on Series Finale: ‘It’s a Real-Life Ending’

”It could be a happy ending,“ the man who plays Walter Jr. teases

As fantastic as the last leg of “Breaking Bad” has been, the final episode — airing Sept 29, if anybody needs to mark the date down on the rock they’re living under — will be grounded in reality. At least according the RJ Mitte.

The man who plays Walt Jr. on the AMC meth drama took some time out from enjoying breakfast to sit down with Pivot’s “TakePart Live” on Wednesday to talk with host Cara Santa Maria about, among other things, the series capper.

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According to the actor, “Breaking Bad” will have a “real-life ending.”

Mitte even suggested, contrary to all evidence, that it might be a happy ending.

“I love the way it ended, the way [series creator] Vince wrote the ending,” Mitte said. “The ending was an inevitable outcome of a lot of things coming together, and the way he brought it, the way it all winds up in the end, the way the family winds up. It’s a real-life ending, it’s not make-believe. It could be a happy ending; I’m not saying it’s not a happy ending  but it’s … there’s so much, you have no idea.”

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So … “Breaking Bad” won’t end up with Bryan Cranston waking up in bed next to his former “Malcolm in the Middle” co-star Jane Kaczmarek, a la the “Newhart” finale?

Until everything is resolved realistically on Sunday, enjoy the snippet: