HLN Hit With Show Cancellations, Layoffs as Part of Brand Repositioning

HLN Hit With Show Cancellations, Layoffs as Part of Brand Repositioning

Three shows canceled; primetime schedule unchanged

HLN has cancelled three shows as it prepares to unveil its new schedule and “re-position the brand,” the network announced on Monday.

In the first major change in new channel head Albie Hecht's reign, a memo obtained by TheWrap said an unspecified number of staffers will be laid off: “While change is necessary to evolve HLN, it is also difficult,” Hecht wrote. “A handful of our family members will be impacted by today's news.”

Those family members are the staffs of “Raising America,” “Now in America” and “Evening Express,” which have been cancelled.

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Not affected are “Morning Express,” “Jane Velez-Mitchell,” “Nancy Grace,” “Dr. Drew on Call” and “After Dark,” which will remain in their normal timeslots.

“News Now” will gain an hour, but anchor Mike Galanos will be joined by Susan Hendricks, Christi Paul and Lynn Berry.

ABC acquisition “What Would You Do?” returns to the schedule, airing weekdays at 5 p.m. The show has rotated around HLN's schedule over the last few years.

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And “Showbiz Tonight” looks like the big winner here. It's moving to 6 p.m. and broadcasting live from HLN's newsroom, with repeats airing at noon and 11 p.m.

Though HLN remains in fourth place in cable news ratings, it made big gains in the third quarter in both dayside and primetime versus last year. In addition, it has the highest percentage of viewers in the 25-54 demo to total viewers of the other three networks.

The new lineup will begin Nov. 18.

  • Carolyn Lancaster

    Thank goodness Nancy, Jane and Dr. Drew are safe. One thing I think they did wrong was have so much about trials. You can only have so many shows about that and then they start repeating themselves. They stripped Clark Howard of his part of his show and we rarely see him anymore. I enjoy the trials but enough is enough. All day and night is a bit much.

    • Brian

      First: Clark Howard sucks. I'm glad he's done.
      Next: All Nancy & Jane do is Court stuff so you better get used to all trials, all the time.

    • Sferd

      Clark Howard provides a real service for viewers, so it's disappointing he has been sidelined. I always find his show entertaining and informative–unlike most of the HLN lineup.

  • Brian

    gettin’ rid of all the black shows. good idea!

    • Fitz Gerald

      you're stupid!!

    • Killer of Racists

      Maybe someone should get rid of all the Racists ! A Hole !!!! Drop dead !!

      • Brian

        Do you kill Black racists too??? Or just white racists? Cuz that makes you a racist!!

        • gerrybombs

          you're right, but what fitz says is true-you're last statement was stupid and i feel sorry for you…

  • Reality

    Ugh, I was hoping that After Dark dud was one of ‘em…

  • Robert ‘Bubba’ Hennessy


  • Michelle Berry

    Anyone know the new timeframe for Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell?

  • lonidean

    A lot of people have complained about all the commercials especially during the live trials. It is ridiculous and many more than the sister station Trutv had when the trials were on during Courttv and Insession. Their excuse? We have to pay the bills. Well so did the previous stations and every other station. Complaining has not worked, they tried to make it better by adding a “pause” button to show us we are not missing anything but all the pauses and commentaries are much more than the actual trial going on. They are losing viewers as most of us have switched to live streaming online that we can watch the trials with NO commercials. We would rather watch it on tv but if they want to be this greedy we won't watch at all and see then how their ratings do.

  • lonidean

    It does seem that the abuse of commercials are in the daytime when the live trials are on. That is when they have many more commercials than the night shows or at least it seems that way to me and now they are re-arranging and cancelling shows in the daytime? Do they still not GET IT? It isn't the shows or hosts, it is how greedy they appear to be and have so many constant commercials that most faithful viewers are going to free online streaming in the daytime and watching the trials. It is very annoying to just have constant commercials. Wake up HLN.

  • Joe Blowe

    Fourth place in cable news ratings? Gee, maybe that's because there is very little news on HLN anymore. It's probably not even accurate to put HLN in the catagory of a ‘cable news channel'.

    • Chris Knaks

      You are 100% correct Joe Blowe. HLN is and never have been news, they are classified as Entertainment by the FCC

  • SimplyOrange

    HLN better hope for a constant influx of high profiled murder trials, because that's when it beats up on CNN and MSNBC.

  • Lulu

    They should get rid of that Lynn Berry she thinks she is all that< she thinks She Ashley Banfield.When she is on HLN after dark she does not even know how to approach the jurors.

  • Sarah

    What would you do? I would change the channel! The new programming sucks. Bring back the trial coverage.

  • alan

    “what would you do” it's really lame

    • Serenna Serenna

      LOL you said it!

  • Bring Back CNN Headline news

    Albie Hecht is driving HLN into the ground.

  • melissa

    I dont like the new shows that they put on hln now….its all too boring , ughh

  • bearlover20

    Get rid of Dr. Dip he is an disgrace to his profession.