A Hollywood Ending for the Republican Party (Guest Blog)

A Hollywood Ending for the Republican Party (Guest Blog)

Ronald Reagan had star power, and the lack of it in the Republican Party today threatens to dismantle the two-party system

I'm no fan of Ronald Reagan, but you'll have to join me in admitting that he was “presidential.” The problem with the Republican Party in its latest iteration is that it does not have one stand-out personality who commands universal respect. Reagan's star-power pre-dated his quest for global power. His face was recognizable on both movie and television screens, and it translated well when he first sought the gubernatorial seat in California, and then went on to increase his appetite for world domination.

The Republicans, conversely, have on deck disembodied radio personalities, a gun-wielding rock dinosaur whose wife packs heat along with M&M's in her carry-on, and a cartoonish nobody who recites Green Eggs & Ham in a pursuit to block a health care bill. Epic fail, even by Hollywood standards, and an embarrassment to the true icons of his party.

Until we are ready to vote for a “Michael Scott” character who runs the Oval Office like Dunder-Mifflin, we need to shun the likes of Ted Cruz and the other fringe elements that will devour the once great Republican Party.

Even Tip O'Neil, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and Speaker of the House of Representatives had a huge fondness and respect for his ideological nemesis, Reagan. As I read in Chris Matthew's book “Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked,” Tip was one of the first people that Reagan had requested to see following the assassination attempt. You could be a staunch liberal and still welcome the opportunity to shake Reagan's hand and refer to him as “Mr. President.” When it was announced that he had Alzheimer's, the outpouring of awareness and contributions to fight this disease came from everyone. Reagan had star power, and the lack of it in the Republican party threatens to dismantle the two-party system.

The Republican Party at one time was referred to as the Grand Old Party. It has now decayed into a reality show where individuals fan the flames of divisiveness and even racism that have been fueled by a vocal group whose members are known as Tea Partiers. They love to refute the metaphoric connection to a sexual act that is part misogyny and part acrobatics, however they tend to live up to it with great success. By obscuring a vision for the future with a pendulously flaccid message of hate for everything Obama, they have won the hearts of those who have probably never voted, and never will. This will prove out in 2016 with a Democratic landslide that will bring the country perilously close to a one party system.

Republicans are threatened by a fringe element that will erase the memory of great political and social minds like Abraham Lincoln, and replace it with the shrill fear mongering of Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and the delusional yet comedically brilliant Sarah Palin. Their followers are lemmings who march in lock-step with Drudge Report headlines and parrot right wing memes on Facebook. They are vocal, yet lack structure.

They have nobody save for a few names who are routinely mocked and lambasted by mainstream press and late night monologues. There is not one person in the group that is enough of a draw to inspire Americans to vote for them, and fortunately, the members of this loose affiliation that lack a central leadership — I suspect that most of them don't get off their asses to vote. Like pitbulls who are bred for battle, Tea Partiers are easily distracted by a kibble of “Duck Dynasty” reruns and ammunition discounts at Walmart.

Is this where the Republican Party is at? Are there no standouts in the vein of John McCain to offer a judicial, sober approach to the challenges of this country? There aren't, and this spells the end of what was once a great party, formidable opponent for the Democrats, and visionaries whose focus was on the future of this country, and our leading place in the world.

As an aside, I'm a supporter of Barack Obama but not a huge fan. He decimated NASA, and I'm not digging what I perceive as a lack of commitment to Israel, but I get it. He's providing what is probably the most significant social net to catch the unfortunates in our country that either can't afford decent health care or have been denied coverage by out-of-control health-insurance companies.

Once the dust clears on the Affordable Care Act, and it comes time to vote in 2016 — the cost of health care will not be a major concern for the masses, and they will repay that kindness in votes for Democrats. The Republicans will be remembered as those who in their candor in front of live mics, revealed their true disdain for the 99 percentof us.

Republicans greatest fear is a successful Affordable Care Act. This is why they fight so hard against it. What will ultimately be good for the majority will all but obliterate the party that was against it. The Republicans put their once golden eggs in the baskets of guys like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly who are first entertainers and, way down the road somewhere, political commentators. This is what the Republicans have to offer the world.

I feel sorry for guys like Boehner, McCain and other Republican power brokers who tremble in the shadow of the fringe element that has taken over their party.

Bobbie Kilberg, a Republican fundraiser who has worked for four Republican presidents and hosted fundraisers for Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, expressed it this way:

“When you have a small segment who dictate to the rest of the party, the result is what we have seen in the last two days. People need to stand up and not be afraid of the Tea Party.”



  • Coletto

    Republicans get what they deserve. I won't be sorry to see them go. They have nothing. Nada. Zilch. Idiots.

  • UberUnderdog

    If Reagan was “presidential” (which I agree he was), then he was even
    more conservative than a simple majority of Republicans in congress
    today. The only “fringe” element that has taken over any party is the
    commie pinko socialist tyrants who have for decades now headed up the
    Democr@p party and who drove out millions of conservative Democrats, who
    helped vote Reagan in with the 2 biggest landslides in history.

  • Hurley

    Reagan had class like it or not and today's Republican's have arrogance!
    I'm a Republican and my party sickens me with their superior attitudes
    and worrying more about getting credit for things than fixing them!
    Larry, Moe, and Curly would get more done by mistake than the entire
    bunch of losers in both parties we now have in Holly(Washington)Wood.

  • HH

    I think most people are tired of this small minority of tea party
    representatives, (which by now most have figured out are really nothing
    but representatives of the billionaire boys club) running the country.
    The democrats play, Ow Ow the republicans are making me do it and the
    republicans play, Ow Ow the tea party is making us do it, and who gets
    what they want in the end, Surprise, the money boys, go figure huh.
    Enough is enough, This should not be a government of the wealthy, by the
    wealthy, for the wealthy. Time to end this BS game.


    The issue is that Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neil both understood that the
    government of the United States represents all U.S. citizens, where this
    President, Barack Obama only represents one side. And damn everyone
    else. The closed minded views of his constituency, including this
    author, clothed in the term liberalism, seek to dominate the other side
    and rule with an iron fist. Their motto, “If you don't agree with me,
    you are either stupid, or evil.”

  • gutsy

    you are a moron; full of babble and full of yourself. Cruz is courageous and a leader.

  • SpongeBillyBob

    This is a pretty good, and as far as I am concnerned, pretty accurate
    story. It gives me hope that many of you understand what this article
    is about and that it is not a political column, but a true outside look
    at what the Republican party looks like today.

  • Harlan

    @Richard Stellar why write lies? You have never respected any
    conservative and, in the future do not include moderates such as Boehner
    ,McCain and Graham in the conservative group. These 3 stooges have set
    the conservative movement back years and could not carry Ted Cruz jock
    strap. You write a true fact that Reagan was presidential however,
    this DING-BAT serving in this position is far from presidential. You
    revealed the type of person and writer you are, by quoting from a CARD
    TOTEN IDIOT Chris (leg thriller) Matthews. Keep your Liberal attitude
    and remarks to yourself.

    • GrandpaLeaman

      Hahah, that's pretty funny considering Ronald Reagan would today be considered a RINO. And I doubt he could even get past a Teapublican primary.

  • ?

    As a Ronald Regan and moderate republican this article is not only so
    true but so sad. No matter if you are Republican or Democrat we need
    both parties to be capable of winning the Presidential office, but to be
    effective lawmakers to maintain the pendulum balance the country needs.

  • Mush Limpballs

    ” a cartoonish nobody”…..couldn't have characterized teddy cruz any better…

  • JB

    Believe it or not, the views of this article are shared by a large majority of Americans.

    It is time to cut the cancer out of the Republican Party.

  • DaveO

    What started out as a Ronald Regan article quickly digressed to
    somewhere between a liberal whining and an elitist rant. Mr Stellar step
    out of your Prius, put down your double skinny latte and join us in the
    real world where working men and women are tired of wiping the ass of
    the do-nothings through government programs…

  • Mehere

    So keep on spending even though China will reposess America? There wont
    be an America Richard Stellar. Better start learning Chinese moron.

  • Chihuahua Trainer

    I sadly agree with everything this author has said, and I consider myself Republican. Well at least a traditional one.

  • Dan

    Man, this commentary nailed it. Great summation of the modern day GOP.

  • K3Citizen

    I like how this author called them tea baggers without saying the words tea or bagger.

  • Code Blue

    I will give the author, Richard Stellar, credit for at least being
    honest in that he is a liberal. Beyond that, this is just another BS
    article by a POS that either doesn't have a clue about what has FAILED
    in America, or doesn't give a damn. These people, and there are
    MILLIONS of them, don't seem to understand or care that our country is
    on the ropes here in more ways than just this bogus shutdown. The
    problems we face were bipartisan in creation, but it is as clear as it
    gets that there will be no bipartisan solution for these problems that
    plague America. Why won't there be a solution? Thats the easy part,
    BOTH parties created the problems with this cancerous “political
    correctness” that has been prevalent for the last 40 years or more. We
    don't stand up for what is right, or what is wrong. We have adopted the
    mindset that we will not get involved, leaving it out of sight and out
    of mind. Liberalism caused 99% of the problems we have, and it was BOTH
    parties that implemented this disaster that we have. We will fail as a
    country unless we adopt fiscally responsible policies in America.
    There is no question, or argument to that. Very simple, we either adopt
    responsible policy or we are doomed.

  • whipstrut

    Wow, the truth in terms that even the most dim-witted Conservative can understand.

  • He's From Kenya

    Richard Stellar you are a clueless moron. I bet you are to Obama what Miss Lewinski was to Clinton.

  • Randy

    Richard Stellar (author of this blog) must not remember Ronald Regan
    because when he was running and after he won The democrats called him
    every name in the book, portrayed him as a wild cowboy who was going to
    get us into WW3 and kill off all the poor by throwing all the social
    programs in the garbage. Now years later they have a hard time coming up
    with anything bad to say about him, some are even offering him faint
    praise. What a bunch of hypocrites who can never read the future events
    right but they still “know everything”.

  • Doink

    The author/blogger wrote that Rep. Ted Cruz was attempting to block a
    health care bill. Untrue. He was wasting time as a stunt to express
    his disapproval of a LAW that was passed, signed, protested, appealed
    the Supreme Court & found to be valid and Constitutional. The
    greatest irony is that he was reading about a grumpy person who insisted
    that he did not like something that he'd never tried. This is a
    perfect analogy for those who rail against the Affordable Care
    Act….which is based on a plan first developed by conservatives &
    put into place in Massachusetts under a Republican governor.

    Socialized medicine is something that a certain segment of the U.S.
    population are long since aware of & comfortable with; members of
    our Armed Forces & their dependents are long time users of
    socialized medicine.

  • Eddie Are You Kidding?

    Don't you think Ted Cruz looks like a drunk Bill Murray?