‘The View': ‘No Truth’ to Report of Jenny McCarthy Striking Out

'The View': 'No Truth' to Report of Jenny McCarthy Striking Out

It turns out something in RadarOnline.com might not be true

“The View” says there is “no truth” to a report that Jenny McCarthy is unpopular with the show's viewers.

RadarOnline.com reported Monday that a source said ABC has conducted “deep research” and found that viewers want to tune out McCarthy.

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“There is absolutely no truth to this story,” an ABC spokeswoman told TheWrap.

A person familiar with the situation said that ABC has not done research on McCarthy's popularity since she joined the show in September. But research before she joined found that viewers reacted to her very positively — which is, you know, why she got the gig.

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As TheWrap reported  last week, “View” ratings have remained fairly steady, slipping only slightly since McCarthy replaced Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


  • inthebusiness

    left the view years ago for the talk…except for Whoopie- and I can just watch her in Corina, Corina and bve very happy!

  • BayouGirl

    I have watched the view for YEARS and I have lost interest this year! I don't find Jenny particularly engaging. There's definitely a lack of some passion on the panel this season!

    • Cindy

      I tape it every day so that I can watch it and have for several years. I don't think Jenny McCarthy is the problem. The show is just not as edgy this year. I am tired of watching celebrity stories and fluffy stuff. I miss the “Hot Topics” actually “Hot.”

      • Cindy

        I mean I miss the “Hot Topics” actually being “Hot.” They have been boring. Don't like the hot button segment at all. I also don't like them pushing Jenny and Sherri off as a team. It doesn't work.

  • hupto

    Started watching when Whoopi came aboard. Stopped watching two days after McCarthy joined. She still behaves like a drunken sorority sister.

    • Gayle Thomson

      I like Jenny a lot! She has earned her scars!! I think she is beautiful, funny and spicy!! Go JENNY!!

      • Scott_McMan

        Yea, she's leaving quite a proud legacy for her son. I'm sure all the kids never tease him about her posing nude and her wild life. Her awful talk show was horrendous and the only person more crude and obnoxious was her sister. They both figured shocking people was the way to go and her sister was faking pretty much everything to appear cutting edge. I watched about 10 minutes of that garbage and changed the channel. Now it's the view. Fortunately, I won't be ‘viewing'.

        I suppose “spicy” is an in-denial word for “disgusting” like “bad boy” is an in-denial phrase for “a-hole”.

        Such a beautiful woman on the outside, so ugly on the inside. For awhile, I thought Jim was the bad guy, but her antics never go away. You can have your trashy beauty.


    • Skychick36

      I would rather watch a drunken sorority sister than two ladies that are using their AARP cards to get into the movies at a discount!!! It's about time we get a fun and obnoxious female who doesn't care about anyone else's opinion. I don't want someone to spoon feed interviews to me.

  • salwc2k

    Jenny is the only good thing about the show…she is the only reason any man would watch it as she is the only one worth looking at…it figures that a very liberal audience wouldn't like a good looking woman and that's why they didn't like Elisabeth Hasselbeck either….liberal women aren't as good looking as conservative women (see fox news women compared to msnbc or cnn women)and that's why they are jealous of them……lol

  • whocares13

    Seriously? I would rather watch someone clean their ears than watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck drone on with her unsubstantiated facts written on her little cards, because it was clear she had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She belongs on Fox with all the other close minded morons. Jenny McCarthy is a fun addition. She doesn't seem to take herself to seriously and she is fun to watch.I still miss Lisa Ling and Meredith Vieira. They, like Barbara, were from news and able to speak to the way different generations of Women viewed the world without inserting their own agenda into the mix. I will give you one example. When Bill Maher was on the show, Elizabeth could not contain her personal dislike for the man because of a comment he made about her on his show. She acted like a spoiled child with her little rehearsed facts and unprofessional behavior. Plus she never gave Bill a chance to answer. It was more the behavior of a real housewife than a talk show host. Welcome Jenny, I for one, am very happy you are there.

    • Rocky

      You need to start reading good books instead of watching TV. Make sure they're about love and not hate. Just Sayin’

  • John Nianouris

    Uh ABC better wise up and dump McCarthy. She is no Whoopy. Not even close. McCarthy is a lifeless blob of nothing. She comes off as holier than thou and stuck up big time. She has no personalty – well maybe a negative 52. I have watched her and now boycott the show.

  • James Silva

    McCarthy will be out. The other three are more experienced wackos. They are all coo coo…find something better to do.

  • Robert Mores

    I definitely miss Joy Behar, glad Elizabeth Whatshername is gone, give Jenny McCarthy a little time, it's not easy stepping into anyones’ shoes, let alone an established show with giants like Walters and Goldberg.

  • Nicholas

    Yeah, huge View fan—well, until McCarthy joined. Haven't watched a show since. And, please, why do reporters even believe what the producers of this show say after they admitted to setting up a phony story for Star Jones (before she outed them), lied about Elizabeth leaving and then lied about Walters’ retirement. You all need to report those things each time they deny these stories so that readers can put their statement into context.

  • WoodyR

    With Jenny McCarthy on The View, I might actually record The Price is Right in order to watch Jenny on The View.
    I have always enjoyed every show or movie she has done. A superb choice.
    Liz Hasselbech was a bit creepy. Sort of a moderate Glenn Beck.
    You GO, Jenny!

    • Billy Weems

      Yeah I have a collection of Jenny McCarthy movies, truly a great artist!

  • Billy Weems

    Just more proof that the people who make untalented vapid morons like McCarthy famous are liberals.

    • Danny Stilletto

      Yes because “Duck Dynasty” and “Honey Boo Boo” carries such a large liberal audience.

      • karen

        Hahahaha! Good one! Sooooo on target with your reply.

  • Stardustlady

    I don't know about the rest of the viewership, but I dislike Jenny McCarthty almost as much as Elisabeth Hasselbeck (almost, not quite as much however.) Both Jenny and Elisabeth are too over the top for my daily TV consumption. Then, again, I am not the target demographic so I just have to change the channel when I have had enough.

  • Cena

    I love that Jenny replaced that horrible woman Elizabeth! I am going to start watching the view again thanks to Elizabeth being gone and someone like Jenny replacing her. I think they chose right with Jenny to bring some good spice to the show. Just like people tuned out Elizabeth of course the same is going to happen to Jenny, that's expected in the business, but I bet Jenny will have more fans than haters and I all ready see that she's getting the audience to actually be involved via tweets, getting them to send in pictures, etc. Jenny will be way better for the show then that stuck up Elizabeth ever was.

  • pags

    Why are we talking about Jenny McCarthy when the real idiot on the show is Sherri Shepard who constantly defends disgusting people like Chris Brown!!! SHE NEED TO GO!!!! NOT JENNY or ANYONE ELSE!

  • Donna T

    I think she is doing a great job. Thought she would be too silly but turns out she is making Chicago proud.

  • pilgrimeye

    I've actually always appreciated McCarthy's rather brave stand against vaccines and the tendency to ignore rather startling statistics in regards to Autism, ADHD and vaccine use; there's lots of stats as well as anecdotal evidence out there to make one question things like why the numbers of autism cases leapt when we started using thimerosal (mercury based) as a preservative in many vaccines. How thoroughly has that preservative been eliminated if at all? There's lots more studies to be done, but shutting research down so quickly is not scientific nor wise. Follow the money-trail is good advice! Who has heavily vested interest in skewing and preventing research of this nature? Dr. Mark Hyman's website has some detailed reporting in this area for those interested. Don't know the answer, but not afraid of the questions – science 101!

    • Monique

      What a waste of time watching this show, Barbara should retire and the rest of these asinine women should fade away in the sunset. Whoopie is the only talent and should disassociate herself from the show. Go Whoopie

  • tysonsmom

    I think Jenny McCarthy is a great addition to the View; I didn't watch often when Elizabeth Hasslebeck was on, couldn't stand it when she opened her mouth and hated her opinions. Jenny gives the View a new perspective and a breath of fresh air.

  • RDD

    McCarthy just plain stinks! She thinks she a special funny woman, who should just go back to bed! I have watched the show for over 12 yrs. and I'm done.

  • January

    The View has gone so far downhill this season with Jenny McCarthy that I doubt they can ever catch my interest again. What happened to the old days when we could hear debates on real time issues instead of watching McCarthy parade around in a Wonder Woman costume. I won't even share my opinion on the segment discussing “booties”. Barbara Walters – what are you thinking??

  • Cookie

    The view is on its last leg. If I hear one more story about Jeffrey I think I will have to stop watching, Jenney is null and void, Whoppie can barely stand it now, and Barbara is definitely not interested in most of it. The view is done, and it used to be my favorite daytime talk show. I do not miss elizabeth, it was great with Meredith, Lisa Ling, Star, Rosie, Whoopie, and Barbara. Jenny is okay, but she is very dull, and just not interesting.

    • Max

      Who is “Whoppie”?

  • Mary in michigan

    Her mouth is as big as Elizabeth's. Hope Jenny goes to FOX news too, then I'll watch the “View” again. Just saying………………

  • Disappointed viewer

    While I like Jenny and think that she is a refreshing addition, the subject matter on the show has taken a turn for the worse. For better or worse, Hassleback and Behar brought up substantial topics: politics and economics. as did the other co-hosts before. Now it's only more fluff. Celebrity gossip and such. And there has been a man as a guest host almost every single day. This on a program that's supposed to showcase women's opinions on a variety of subjects. It's not McCarthy, it's the show. The Daily Show has on more interesting, intelligent, accomplished women than The View has.

  • lainer51

    They are all obnoxious!

  • Hellya

    Don't enjoy the show anymore without Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselback. Don't like McCarthy's style? and Sherrie is getting old defending the wrongdoing of many black entertainers, such as Chris Brown. Barbara reigns & Whoopi is a lark.

  • Hellya

    Also the show doesn't have the intellect and humor of Meredith. It is taking on another face; vulgar, vapid and boring. The only thing it has is the headliners but the presentation leaves much to be desired.

  • jnik

    They also denied Elisabeth was being fired when that story broke. A couple of months later, she was gone!

  • http://att.net/ patty

    Yup, me too. I stopped watching after a week or so of Whoopi..Overbearing, vulger, tasteless, foul mouth and big time RACIST. AND definitely a political ignorant, uniformed Liberal. I do watch when I want to hear what a particular guest has to say, i.e. Bill O'Reilly..However, I record the particular show and then I can fast forward through the bullshit and only watch and hear what the guest has to say. Jenny McCarthy is a big mouth, definitely not a comedian who chose to get publicity, notarity (celeb status) by claiming and preaching her son got autism from the vaccination. Insule to injury she then claims she herself cured his autism with diets, supplements, etc. Dah! If that were true, then every parent who has an autistic child needs to contact McCarthy and get her cure all receipe. @JAMES SILVA..Your comment is right on! Barbara, Whoopi, Sherri and now Jenny McCarthy, another coo coo/whacko..I believe every word Radar on Line that being, that Jenny McCarthy has done nothing to help the sinking ship The Views ratings. The View has a hole in its boat and anyone of those four fat asses can sit on the hole and the water will still fill the boat.