Alex Jones Is Back on X, But It’s a ‘Sinking Ship’ With a Muted Reach, Say Media Experts 

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“His return to this site completes its utter degradation,” says former NAACP lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill, who says she has left the platform for good

Alex Jones and Elon Musk (Chris Smith)

The return of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to X this week was either the final bell tolling on a dying platform for rational discourse, or just the latest sign that Elon Musk is determined to sink his asset into the morass of unfettered speech and hatemongers.

Is it the end of X? Or simply a new identity for the platform, home to refugees from the mainstream media?

“It’s just part of the trajectory that he’s taking the company on,” Nandini Jammi, an activist who worked to get the Infowars founder banned from several platforms, said of Musk. “For the last few months, he’s been inviting neo-Nazis back onto the platform, along with various other conspiracy theorists.”


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