Elon Musk Seems ‘Hell-Bent on Destroying’ X, Say Media Experts

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After promoting antisemitic tweets, the billionaire battles back by suing watchdog Media Matters, saying it created a misleading perception

X owner Elon Musk (Christopher Smith)

The combination of Elon Musk’s latest antisemitic rhetoric and evidence that X’s advertisers are finding their content next to hate speech could do irreparable harm to the platform formerly known as Twitter, analysts told TheWrap.

The consequences could be dire. As brand advertisers flee, and the White House denounces Musk and hoofs it to competitor Threads, the window could be closing quickly for Musk to stem the damage.

“It seems like he is hell-bent on destroying the platform that he paid $44 billion for,” Lou Paskalis, founder and CEO of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory, told TheWrap. Paskalis this weekend advised X’s CEO Linda Yaccarino to quit before her own reputation is irretrievably damaged, and he wasn’t the only marketing veteran to do so.


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