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‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Trailer Is Here to Make Your Flesh Crawl (Video)

Jessica Lange picks up a terrifying new habit in sneak peek at "American Horror Story: Asylum"

A little hot where you are? Don't worry; the new trailer for "American Horror Story: Asylum" will chill you to the bone.

While very brief promos for the FX thriller have offered a tiny taste of what's to come, a new 30-second promo for the series' second season — which kicks off Oct. 17 — gives a clearer view of what to expect. Such as Jessica Lange as a nun/asylum proprietor, hovering menacingly over some poor soul whose eyes are pried open with clamps a la "A Clockwork Orange." And a guy hanging from the ceiling, which is never a good sign.

As the promo says, it's a terrifying new tale of fear, lust and insanity, and if that's not a winning combination, we don't know what is.

Check out the new "American Horror Story: Asylum" trailer — if you need to do so, pry your eyes open with clamps — in the video.