Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton Can’t Escape Each Other in ‘Two Night Stand’ Trailer (Video)

After a snowstorm traps the two, they decide to give one another pointers on how to improve their respective performances

The walk of shame after a one night stand is awkward enough, but it’s supposed to signal the beginning of the end of that shame. In the latest trailer for the upcoming comedy “Two Night Stand,” director Max Nichols asks what would happen if you couldn’t walk away.

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Analeigh Tipton stars as a young woman who decides to put herself out there and experience her first one night stand. A massive overnight snowstorm leaves her and Miles Teller stuck together after their disappointing tryst. These things aren’t meant to linger, and the discomfort begins to creep in right away as the snow piles up and Tipton realizes she’s not going to be able to leave.

Eventually, though, they decide to take advantage of the opportunity to be incredibly candid with one another, offering tips and pointers for improving their bedroom technique. Then, the titular crazy idea comes up of doing it again.

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“Two Night Stand” was written by Mark Hammer and co-stars Jessica Szohr and Scott Mescudi. Produced by Sam Englebardt, Ruben Fleischer and Beau Flynn, eOne will release the film on September 26.