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Ann Dowd: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Aunt Lydia Would Make ‘Mincemeat’ Out of Sarah Sanders (Video)

”She would’ve taken care of business immediately,“ Dowd says on ”Late Night with Seth Meyers“

You may recall Michelle Wolf’s burn of Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House Correspondents Dinner, when she compared the White House press secretary to Aunt Lydia from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” But if you ask Ann Dowd, who plays Aunt Lydia on the Hulu series, the comparison may have been slightly off.

Dowd appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and said as she watched the hot-button dinner, she realized her character could do far worse to Sanders than Wolf did.

“No one could sit there and listen to that and stay in their seat. Then I thought, who has the bravery to say those things number one,” Dowd said. “Then I thought Aunt Lydia would make mincemeat of you missy — Sanders.”

Dowd also said Aunt Lydia wouldn’t be too kind to President Trump, either.

“She’d have him in that chair in Season 1, in the circle, and have him realize that narcissism is her least favorite sin,” Dowd said. “She does have some compassion for mental illness, but not a lot. She would’ve taken care of business immediately.”

Meyers added that Aunt Lydia is, well, pretty evil. But both he and Dowd gave Lydia credit for being a complex character with some deeply held principles. And even she might not be willing to help out at the Trump White House.

“It would be helpful, but she wouldn’t do it, because she has no patience for nonsense,” Dowd said.

Dowd won an Emmy for portraying Aunt Lydia in season 1 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and is nominated again for her work in Season 2.

Watch the full clip of Dowd on “Late Night” below.