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Aziz Ansari Wonders if White People Are Trying a Little Too Hard With ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ (Video)

In a clip from his new Netflix special, comedian looks at how hit film’s success reflects broader social progress

In his new Netflix comedy special, Aziz Ansari has some fun at the expense of awkward but well-meaning white fans of “Crazy Rich Asians.” He says the film’s success hints at societal progress — even if some “weird, condescending, s—-y” things sometimes still happen.

“Interesting times for white people. You’re trying really hard to be nice to minorities. In a way I’ve never seen before,” Ansari jokes in a clip from “Right Now,” which you can watch above. “Putting in the time, putting in the effort, getting out there… watching ‘Crazy Rich Asians.'”

Ansari says that in his experience, white people loved the film. “It’s so adorable. Look how far we’ve come in just two generations,” he adds. “Like, your grandma doesn’t even call it ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ She calls it, ‘That movie that has too many Orientals.'”

He also identifies weird examples of white people trying too hard. For instance, he says one white friend didn’t care for the film on first viewing, but changed his mind after watching it with someone who was Asian, and seeing what it meant to that other person.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean you like the movie. That’s just a weird, condescending, s—-y thing to say,” Ansari cracked.

There’s plenty more, including a bit where Ansari imagines his white friend’s reaction to  “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”

“Right Now,” which lands on Netflix at 12 a.m. Tuesday.