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Bear Grylls Knows You’re Going to Try to Kill Him on His Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Netflix Show

”This is what I was worried would happen!“ the ”You vs. Wild“ survivalist tells TheWrap

Bear Grylls didn’t survive this long by being dumb. The survivalist is well aware that you’re all just going to try and kill him on his new Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style Netflix series “You vs. Wild.”

“This is what I was worried would happen!” he told us ahead of the premiere. “I am not sure I like the feeling!”

TheWrap interviewed Grylls via email because, well, the dude isn’t often in an area with good cell-phone reception. We kept the conversation pretty brief, as the assumption is Grylls is pretty much always facing imminent danger.

Our chat is below — the exclamation points are all genuine Grylls excitement.

TheWrap: What’s the weirdest/coolest option you filmed for “You vs. Wild”?
Bear Grylls: Probably the option of what to do with some old explosives down an old mine, [or] a rattlesnake and bleeding from a wound! I won’t spoil the options or ending for you…

TW: Were any of the choices something you hadn’t done before?
BG: So many of them took me to a survival disaster situation that was entirely new and that’s the fun part — with a detailed plan we could create some pretty crazy scenarios for viewers to have to figure out…

TW: Do you know how many permutations and how many endings exist for “You vs. Wild”?
BG: I lost count after one episode! The planned-disaster scenario reads more like a detective novel!

TW: What scene was the biggest hassle in terms of having to film one option and then go back to the same moment/spot to film the other?
BG: In and out of a frozen lake trying a bunch of different solutions to escape!

TW: You know everyone is just gonna try to kill you, right?
BG: This is what I was worried would happen! I am not sure I like the feeling!

Grylls’ “You vs. Wild” debuts at 12:01 a.m. ET Wednesday on Netflix.