Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel: ‘We Kind of Watch a Lot of TV’

The Death Cab for Cutie frontman unabashedly proclaims his love for Bravo programming

Last Updated: March 30, 2011 @ 10:01 PM

It has been said a million times before by a million bloggers that Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel are a million-dollar couple. What no one has ever said until now is that one of their favorite pastimes is watching "Million Dollar Listing."

In a recent interview, the Death Cab for Cutie singer told me that he and famous wife Deschanel — who will soon be shooting a Fox pilot — are big fans of the Bravo real-estate reality series, which aired its fourth-season finale on Tuesday night (and which just got a spin-off set in New York City). In fact, Bravo might want to look into hiring the couple, who wed in 2009, to be their spokespeople.

"We get really excited every week for 'Top Chef' and pretty much anything else on Bravo at this point," said Gibbard, 34, whose band will promote its May album, "Codes and Keys," with a music video shot and aired live on April 5. "We don't really watch the 'Housewives' shows — but we love 'Million Dollar Listing.' We kind of watch a lot of TV."

In 2009, Deschanel even appeared in an episode of "Top Chef Masters," challenging the contestants to produce an entirely vegan meal for her and a group of her friends.

While Gibbard, who relocated to the Los Angeles area after meeting Deschanel, misses interestingly coiffed former "Million Dollar Listing" cast member Chad Rogers ("He was our favorite," he says), he still can't help but tune in.

"Everybody considers himself, in this day and age, some kind of real estate expert," explained Gibbard. "And I think it's interesting to watch these guys. I mean, they're all clowns in their own kind of way. But unlike a show like 'Jersey Shore,' where they're just professional drunks, these guys went to school and actually do this for a living."

Given the couple's busy schedules, it's not a stretch to assume they missed the season finale of "Top Chef All Stars" when it aired on Wednesday night. But you can bet that the DVR in the Gibbard-Deschanel household captured the action.