The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2024

From Michael Cera partnering with CeraVe to the “Suits” cast reuniting in Judge Judy’s courtroom

Michael Cera (CeraVe)
Michael Cera (CeraVe)

Let’s be honest, we’ve seen the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers go head-to-head at the Super Bowl, but what’s always fresh and new are ads that air during the commercial breaks.

From Michael Cera’s partnership with CeraVe to a “Suits” reunion in Judge Judy’s courtroom, there’s truly nothing you can plan to expect from the lineup of Super Bowl commercials. Well, except for maybe another Ben Affleck-Dunkin’ Donuts collaboration, which is now a fan favorite. And who could blame him, the actor was reportedly paid $10 million for his 30-second spot this year that also featured Matt Damon and Tom Brady.

Here’s our list of the best 2024 Super Bowl commercials.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is “agent State Farm”

Arnold Schwarzenegger reverts back to his days as an action actor, becoming “agent State Farm” for the insurance company.

There’s no breaking Beyoncé, no matter what she puts her mind to

Beyoncé is running for “Beyoncé of the United States,” and you can’t break her.

Cardi B makes light of her viral “suspicious” line

Cardi B joking says there’s something “suspicious” and “freaky” about NYX’s new Duck Plump lip product.

Tom Brady helps Ben Affleck show off his pop star skills to wife Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck still hasn’t given up his goal of being a “pop star,” and he enlists quarterback icon Tom Brady to help him audition in front of Jennifer Lopez, even though rapper Jack Harlow advised him against it.

Oreo shows decisions can be made with just a twist

From cave times to ancient Greek events to the office of Kris Jenner, Oreos show there’s no decision that can be made without twisting off one side of an Oreo cookie.

Pickleball is “basically tennis for babies, but for adults”

There’s a new wave of “picklebabies,” and they’re ready to get in the game of pickleball with E*Trade.

Ice Spice has moved on from her ex-bae lemon lime soda for Starry

Ice Spice needed a more refreshing, “crisp” drink, so she chose a Starry soda.

Chris Pratt becomes even more famous after rocking iconic Pringles iconic mustache

Chris Pratt brings the story of Julius “Mr. P” Pringles to life in a new Pringles commercial.

Aubrey Plaza is “having a blast” in the most shocking places

Aubrey Plaza shows she can have a blast “any time anywhere,” even with her former “Parks and Recreation” costar Nick Offerman, with Mountain Dew’s new Baja Blast drink.

Tom Brady and Vince Vaughn prepare you to bet on the big game

Quarterback icon Tom Brady and actor Vince Vaughn want to give you all the tools on how to bet on the Super Bowl game with BetMGM.

Jenna Ortega goes on a hunt to find new Doritos

Actress Jenna Ortega is on a journey to find Doritos’ new rolled chips line, Dinamita, alongside her fictional grandmothers, Dina and Mita.

“The Boys” goes all-American in the name of Vought International

“The Boys” characters salute “the real heroes of America in a commericial for their product Turbo Rush.”

Patrick Stewart throws “Hey Arnold” like a football over Paramount Mountain

Patrick Stewart threw his fellow Paramount+ family member Arnold from the Nickelodeon series “Hey Arnold” like a football in an effort to get him over “Paramount mountain” and out of freezing temperatures. He was joined by an entourage of other notable Paramount figures, including Drew Barrymore and Dora from “Dora the Explorer.”

Martin Scorsese directs a UFO-filled Squarespace ad

Martin Scorsese spotlights the use of technology through an alien invasion plot in a cinematically-styled commercial for Squarespace called “Hello Down There.”

“Suits” cast (and more) reunites in Judge Judy’s courtroom

For e.l.f. Cosmetics, Judge Judy renames herself “Judge Beauty” and takes on a case involving the cast of “Suits.” Rick Hoffman is accused of spending too much on beauty products.

Michael Cera Puts the “cera” in CeraVe

Actor Michael Cera is the “cera” in CeraVe, as he takes on the role of the skincare company’s “founder.”

Mr T. Confirms There’s No “T” in Skechers

Mr. T didn’t have to lace up his shoes in Skechers’ newest line of slip-ins, pitying any fool who has to “touch their shoes” to put them on.

Ken Jeong awakens from frozen slumber for Popeyes wing debut

“The Wait Is Over,” as the commercial narrator states, Popeyes finally offers wings on their menu, and Ken Jeong is the first to try them after being in a years-long frozen slumber.

David tells Victoria to “be honest” about their “big” Super Bowl commercial

David and Victoria Beckham make light of their “Be Honest” moment from their Netflix series “Beckham” by recreating it for an Uber Eats commercial.

Jason Momoa performs iconic “Flashdance” scene with Zach Braff and Donald Faison

Jason Momoa almost had to cancel his party with neighbors Zach Braff and Donald Faison in a T-Mobile commercial.

“Almost Champions” Bruce Smith, Terrell Owens and Scarlet Johansson help test new M&M’s

Bruce Smith, Terrell Owens and Scarlett Johansson have been “almost champions” in their respective careers, which is why they were selected to help polish diamonds for M&M’s first-ever Ring of Comfort.

Kate McKinnon and Mayo Cat Take On Food Waste

Kate McKinnon and a talking cat named Mayo Cat tackle food waste by providing different ways Hellman’s mayonnaise can be used to help save leftovers.


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