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Bill O’Reilly Rejects Ohio Governor’s Bid to Host the ‘Factor': ‘I’d Like to Keep the Ratings’

John Kasich makes a plea to host Fox News’ ”O’Reilly Factor“

Ohio Governor John Kasich is going to have to stick with his day job, Bill O’Reilly said Wednesday night.

Responding to Kasich telling Fox News he’d love to host the “O’Reilly Factor” in an interview Tuesday following his reelection, O’Reilly wasn’t handing over the reins.

“Well, we can’t really put politicians on substituting for me because if we put Kasich on we’d have to put a Democratic Governor on,” O’Reilly said. “Can you imagine Jerry Brown here … ‘caution,'” he said in a lower childlike voice, imitating the California Governor.

O’Reilly then pivoted to another important reason he can’t let politicians get his anchor chair. “I’d like to keep the ratings somewhat,” he admitted.

Before serving as Ohio Governor, Kasich was a host at Fox News. He anchored “Heartland” on Saturday nights. That spot now belongs to former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee, who last night was described as a potential 2016 candidate on the network.